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Does anyone watch this on A&E? I have not seen it until last night when I found it on Netflix. Only watched a few episodes but it's somewhat amusing. At least those boys are easy on the eyes.

Really love their mom!

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  Re: Wahlburgers by Mare749 (Does anyone watch th...)
We watched a couple of episodes, but didn't carry on with it, don't know why!
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Maybe a couple of episodes is enough. I'm wondering if it's going to hold my interest...

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Mark Wahlburg (and Donnie for that matter) are at the top of my list. Never miss a Wahlburg movie or an episode of Blue Bloods but I could not get into this show. I watched it three times and then quit.

I think there was another brother on it that was irritating for some reason but now I can't really recall what he was doing that bugged me. LOL.
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They are so good looking, I'd be tempted to watch without volume if I didn't like it. I'll have to check it out!
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I agree with Daphne...I'll have to check it out!!
  Re: Re: Wahlburgers by karyn (I agree with Daphne....)
Yes, it's worth watching just to see those two even if parts of it are a bit boring. I think what was starting to bug me just a little is that it's like one big plug for their restaurant. Although, I am sorry that I didn't know about it when we were in Boston last year.

Trixxee, it might be the oldest brother, Paul, who you found annoying. He's pretty intense.

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