Are Bloody Mary's OT?
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I'm not sure if this is commonly found all over the country, so I thought I'd share. William and I had lunch at one of favorite spots last Saturday and had a Bloody Mary. Another downfall of the whole no driving thing, I don't get a second!!!! ANYWAY, I remember commenting to William that I wished Fish Bites used Old Bay on their glass rims like Cape Fear did. Well I had this bottle of Bloody Mary mix sitting around, so William suggested having a Bloody Mary this afternoon. Why not? So I searched and didn't find Old Bay. How did that happen? But I DID had some Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning....Jean, your grilled onion spice?....and then I had the "more Spice" version. I grabbed the "more Spice". I'm here to tell you, this stuff would make even the crappiest mix taste good!!!! OH MY! Glad I'm not cooking tonight!
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This is good to know. I usually sprinkle a tiny amount of red pepper in a bloody mary or even a drop or two of sriracha. Never thought to coat the rim of the glass with TCCS. It does sound good!

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