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I just tried two recipes from my sample issue. I loved the format of the mag, and the selection of recipes really caught my interest. I had trouble with both the recipes. Is it just me? Or do these recipes typically need adjusting?
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Which recipes did you have a problem with? I typically find this magazine to have consistently good recipes that are easy to make.
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Thank-you for responding! I'm just afraid to try any more of the recipes, but they do look good! The sample issue I have is the June issue, I think. First I tried the Penne with Pistachios, Asparagus, and Cream. Following the directions, I cooked white wine on high for a minute, then reduced heat and poured in the half and half which promptly curdled! In the end, the dish was pretty flavorless. The second recipe was delicious - Pappardelle with chicken, mushrooms, and wine. The problem was that it called for baking the chicken pieces for 40 min. at 325. It must have taken at least twice that long to reach the desired internal temp! And it's not my oven! I do appreciate your input.
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Chicken takes a lot longer than 40 minutes at 325 to thoroughly cook through. I don't think the fault was yours. I've had some problems with a couple of the recipes also. As for the curdling, you may have had the heat too high. I have my own recipe for Pappardelle, with a lemon cream sauce. The lemon zest and juice that it calls for gives it a fantastic flavor. The one in the magazine doesn't look like there is enough to make if very flavorful. Try adding lemon zest and juice next time.
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