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March 7, 2015-
Okay. I was in the kitchen making my dough for my pizza dinner with friends and Peter was on the phone with Wendy (he is deaf in one ear---keep this in mind).

3:45 p.m. ----someone comes to our gate and rings the signal on our intercom—three short beeps. My hands are in dough so I cannot answer the intercom quickly and when I do I note on the monitor that the person is backing out of the drive way. He has a new model BMW. OKAY---NOBODY HOME!!! Five minutes later—literally—I hear two LOUD bangs coming from our front door area (we have a VERY sturdy custom made wooden front door—two panel connected to a security alarm). Of course I PANIC---and exit the kitchen to get Peter’s attention. He was in another room on the phone. I immediately notice TWO guys in our atrium, about four yards through the entry and start SCREAMING like I have never screamed before (in my life). The first guy is a very tall, well fit man with an assault rifle in one of our police uniforms (SAPS). I am now looking down the barrel of an assault weapon ---an image that I will NEVER forget..I am still shaking and cannot get it out of my mind. The second guy was a bit shorter but a little more chubby. I will not be able to identify the perps on a line up---I was so fixated on the rifle.
It is well known in this area that the people that live in this house are crazy Americans and walk around with weapons (true to a certain extent). Due to recent gun regulations, we have followed the rules and keep our hand guns in a safe—out of reach---MISTAKE!!! Anyway, I finally reached our armed response team and they arrived FIFTEEN minutes later---I would be dead by that point.

My screams and the fact that the perps could not readily see where the valuables (personal computers, cell phones, purse with money, plasma tv etc.) I think saved the day. They quickly turned around and left the premises. One has to know the layout of this house to have any idea where anything is. I have no domestic help so that would not be a consideration for a breach in security.
The entry was made through a gated entrance where we have two doors that house a “bin”—where we store trash and rubble from garden clean-up that is picked up weekly.
I have often thought about the possibility of this happening but when it did I lost total control and PANICED. Fortunately, they did as well. When I screamed for Peter, the perps had already left but he did go to our safe for his handgun. Needless to say, we both carry ours at ALL times as of that moment. He did not see the perps because they had scurried away before he realized what was happening.

Our custom made door is totally wrecked as are the bin doors. Those can be replaced easily enough...with time. Our builder came and constructed two heavy duty struts on the inside of our entry....no way we can close the doors and keep secure without some sort of support. We are waiting for the reconstruction but in the meantime feel pretty safe—NO WAY they will be able to breach that front door now!!
It could have been a lot worse and we are thankful for the fact that we are physically okay....MY psychological issue is huge....that assault weapon with be with me forever. Sleepless nights and agitated days...hopefully they will get better and fade BUT it sure is tough at the moment.

You know??? I think that putting this down in writing has helped a bit...we shall see tonight when I close my eyes.

Thanks for listening, my friends.
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  Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by Roxanne 21 (March 7, 2015-[br]Ok...)
Jesus Christ, Roxanne - just reading this sent me in a panic!!! My God, I just can't imagine going thru something like that! Too bad you didn't have some of the dough in your hands to throw at them!

I hope the memory of this will dull with time, but wow, it may take a time!! Please take care, both of you!
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  Re: Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by cjs (Jesus Christ, Roxann...)
What a bone-chilling story, Roxanne! That fear is going to stay with you for a long time. Does your security system monitor "record" who is at your door or in your driveway? I wouldn't be able to relax after what happened and might consider adopting a couple of big dogs to live on the premises. I can tell you firsthand that "rescued" dogs are fiercely loyal.

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  Re: Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by Mare749 (What a bone-chilling...)
I'm so sorry you had to endure that Roxanne. Sounds like something out of a movie! I like MA's idea of dogs and videotape of the premises. Everyone here seems to be doing it.

I'm glad you weren't home alone.
  Re: Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by Trixxee (I'm so sorry you had...)
That is terrifying, Roxxanne! I am so glad you are safe!!! Video and dogs are both great ideas. I hope you and Peter find a way to relax soon. Take care!
  Re: Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by karyn (That is terrifying, ...)
OMG!! Roxxanne what a horrifying experience!! I so very glad you two are ok!! Now...breathe in...out...tip the wine bottle up and back...up and back...repeat till empty.
  Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by Roxanne 21 (March 7, 2015-[br]Ok...)
Holy Crap Roxanne!!! They were impersonating the cops??? We are so glad you and Peter came away unscathed!!! Thank God for the Response Team!!

I'll be thinking for yours and Peter's safety while you make repairs and re-fortify. Seriously. I'm wondering what the "Castle" rules are like in S.A. considering the Pistorius trial.

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  Re: Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by BarbaraS (Holy Crap Roxanne!!!...)
OMG, Roxannne! I can't imagine living ion that type of environment where that sort of thing is accepted as routine! The thought of me carrying a gun wherever I go would be terrifying, but facing what you did is unbelievable. I so hope you find some peace in your situation.

Thank God you scared them off, 'cause an assault rifle vs. a screaming woman doesn't exactly pose a threat in my book. You are so very blessed to be still with us. Somebody must have bigger plans for you yet!

Makes me so grateful for the area I live in.
  Re: Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by iBcookin (OMG, Roxannne! I can...)
What an awesome supportive group you are---THANK YOU!!!! I have taken many of your suggestions to heart and will implement them accordingly. Each day seems to be a bit worse---but I'm sure it will get better with time.

There are many more specifics that I have not related that might answer some of the questions/issues raised here...ie: iBcookin. You are soooo correct--screaming woman vs. assault rifle???

I thought we were pretty safe here---we were the only home not targeted for 23 years! They are getting desperate!
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  Re: Re: WAYYYY OT OOOO...MMMMM....GGGGG!!!! by Roxanne 21 (What an awesome supp...)
OMG is right Roxanne! I am so glad you two are okay. I've faced a 357mag. during a robbery but cannot imagine an assault rifle! I hope that your repairs and refitting make your home a serious fortress - security cameras and all. Geeze I'm not sure I could live like that . . . you are a tough cookie! Hugs - and take good care.
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