T.G.I.F. Dinner, 4/17/15??
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What's for dinner for everyone today??

Tracie was exhausted from a really tough week, so we'll get with her tonight for their beloved hot dogs.

We did end the 2 week 'regime' by heading to Applebee's for a burger that I've been craving. Sure wish I hadn't wasted this wish in Oregon - it is against the law to cook a burger less than MEDIUM!!! My God, it was the driest burger I've ever tasted!! But, it did satisfy the craving a little. And, remembered to order a salad with dressing on the side!!
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I've never heard of such a law? How weird.

We are having London Broil (Hoping to dodge the rains and grill it!), the two leftover twice baked potatoes or corn casserole, and a salad.
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It's going to be another sunny warm day today so I'm grilling up some teriyaki chicken skewers w/ jasmine rice and asparagus.
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Blane, that just reminded me of another chicken dish that we liked and had for a review dinner with chicken skewers, coconut milk and pineapple, I think....Going to look for that one.

Tonight we are having salmon teriyaki, steamed rice and roasted asparagus. Healthy eating is going surprisingly well after a week of over-indulgence.

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We are going out to this local place that has been around for close to 50 years. Food is simple mexican, but good. The big draw is the huge outdoor patio with lots of shade. Such a nice day out - might as well take advantage. I do know I'm ordering a mango margarita, and probably the chile relleno.

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Trixxee, I think the one thing I miss the most about living in California is all of the outdoor dining year-round. We do have a lot of outdoor dining here, but recently either the pollen or the rain have made it unpleasant, and once the humidity and heat really get going, it's just not that enjoyable. I love so many things about living in the south, but everywhere had both its blessings and challenges. A mango margarita on an outdoor patio sounds amazing!!!

John's been sick the past few days, but he's on the road to recovery. Dinner tonight is leftover pasta from a few nights ago. I really haven't cooked since then.

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