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So I just made my first breakfast burrito and I learned a lot. Yesterday I bought 10" "uncooked" tortillas, salsa, some black beans, and shredded cheese. I cooked the tortilla, scrambled 1 egg, assembled the burrito and heated it a bit in the toaster oven.

Lessons learned: One egg is enough and should not scramble it so much, maybe just leave it like an unfolded omelet. Salsa should be either drained or served on the side. Jury is still out on the black beans. (we'll see how those affect my digestive system later on today) Toasting for a little while did melt the cheese pretty good. Maybe should go for a larger tortilla.

How do you do your breakfast burrito?

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I scramble an egg, sprinkle with cheese, wrap it up in a burrito, then in a paper towel and micro for 30 seconds. Sometimes I will add cooked bacon or sausage. Beans and salsa just don't sound good to me early in the day, but I do like broiled tomatoes with breakfast.

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Like Maryann, I have never considered adding salsa or beans. Cook sausage, drain, scramble eggs with cheese, add sausage, and roll into warmed tortilla. The two years I took off from school, this was an easy grab and go for the kids.
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Being such a Black bean and corn lover, I normally combine black bean refried beans, corn, rice and cheese and add salsa just to make a nice 'mess' that's not runny.

Wrap up and put in freezer - zap for a couple minutes wrapped in a p.towel (I spray the p.towel with cooking spray so it doesn't stick to the tortilla). Then top with more fresh salsa and green onions.

Now, I'm hungry!!!
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We don't really make them at home because we have so many great little hole in the wall mexican joints around here that are open for breakfast but I like to order a machaca burrito. Oh gosh are they good. They usually include the meat scrambled with the eggs, pinto beans (not refried) and cheese, guacamole is extra $ but delicious. Salsa on the side.
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Don't laugh, I love McDonalds B'fast burritos. I have one every morning when I go to work, they're only $1.00 and 300 calories.
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I worked with a man from the southwest who would use chorizo in his and also add fried cubed potatoes - soooo good!
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Is there anything anyone has ever found that doesn't belong in a burrito/tortilla????????????????????
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I love breakfast burritos, and made Spike Mendelsohn's recipe for breakfast today. Not only are they delicious, they're also very diet-friendly. (Since we'll be putting the boat into the lake soon, that matters!) I cooked the veggies last night, divide them in fourths and then mixed up one egg and one egg white with one fourth of the veggies this morning. Totally delicious and filling. Here's a link, if you're interested.
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I should have mentioned another easy way to have them handy. We almost always have tortillas on hand - either fresh or in the freezer. So, like with the leftovers from a dinner we had with the kids -Hawaiian Pork, Rice, I added a can of refried beans and enough taco sauce/salsa to moisten. Then I pkg'd. them in 1/2 cup "snacky?" baggies and froze them that way. Takes no time to defrost little pkgs. like that and to me I like them better than nuking a frozen burrito that is put together.

I like adding scrambled eggs instead of the beans also.
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