Wednesday's Dinner, 5/6/15??
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Good morning everyone! What's on the menu for today??

Stuffed Bell peppers and ??? here
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My sister and her husband invited me to lunch at the Olive Garden. They are taking my dad for a birthday lunch. I will probably just order something for Ron to bring home.

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Pulled a container of some "hearty" meat sauce from the freezer to top four cheese ravioli with.
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I'm thinking about the Roman-Style Chicken from Issue 97. Unless someone tried it and didn't like it? I have everything to make it on hand. We will have a side of salad.
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That Roman Style Chicken sounds really good, Daphne. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

We're having grilled lemon chicken and salad for dinner tonight. It is so nice to have warm, sunny days!
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There used to be an Italian place near Orlando that had a "Roman pizza": a stuffed pizza stuffed with potatoes, pepperoni, sausage, onions & cheese.

I've also seen other "Roman" pizzas that were white pizzas with potatoes and rosemary.

Either way, yum!
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Today I'm going to grill up some carne asada w/ chimichurri, Maryann's B'day dinner Mexican rice and asparagus.
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Change of plans. With bad weather heading our way, I decided the steaks I'd planned for tomorrow would be better done today and save the chicken for tomorrow. I've got a huge bowl of fresh salad ready to go for both meals. I'll review the chicken tomorrow.

Speaking of the weather moving in, I have to share. A very dear old friend's daughter is getting married in Southport Saturday. Sadly, he died last August. William and I vowed this was one wedding we wouldn't miss. The funny thing is, they plan to name the first named storm Anna. The brides name? Anna! I dearly hope the rains clear long enough for the wedding.
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