Flavor Flours and Baking with Less Sugar
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I just got two new cookbooks. Baking with Less Sugar by Joanne Chang (Flour) and Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich. The Chang books is on the par with her other ones. Getting stuff from Flour is always one of the highlights of my Boston trips. She does not use artificial subs, just reworked recipes. She uses a lot of crème fraîche so I'm making a new batch to get ready, as well as ricotta cheese.

Flavor Flours is the most interesting cookbook I've read in a while. I've been using a lot of whole grains when baking bread, but not really understanding how they work. This book covers different non-wheat flours and explains what each brings to the table. The recipes are super precise, giving exact weights, how to mix, etc. There is a great appendix at the end with the weights of various flours. There are more recipes that I want to try than not. I've an order coming for Thai white rice flour both regular and sweet, as well as brown rice, sourghum and teff flours. I've bought rice flour before, but never realized that the fineness of the flour will make a positive difference in the end product. Medrich explains why and gives you the weight differences. Thai is much finer than Bob's Red Mill for example. I chose to skip buckwheat and corn flour (not cornmeal) this time as those recipes didn't scream make me, make me.

I read and enjoyed every page of the book. I've used Medrich chocolate recipes before and know how good they are, but I'm excited to try these new methods. The nice thing is that they seem actually simpler than the ones I use now.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in not using wheat flour. Now, it I could only combine the two books, I could eat dessert as the main course and feel great
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The books sound very interesting, Alina - thanks for sharing with us.
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Great reviews. Thanks, Alina.

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