Denise's Father-in-law
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I hope Denise does not mind me sharing her very sad news that her father-in-law, Marvin, died yesterday. He was such a large part of their lives forever, but especially since they moved him to Oregon with them and he was living nearby. They never missed a day talking or seeing him and he could not have been loved more or cared for better than by his son and loving daughter-in-law.

Denise just posted this tribute to him for the Memorial Day celebration....

We all share your sadness, Denise and Derek and know we love you both very much!!!
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Denise, if you are reading this...please accept my deepest sympathy for you and Derek at this very sad time.

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My sincerest condolences.

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So very sorry to hear this. It sounds like yesterday was his birthday well. Prayers and thoughts for both you and Derek, Denise.
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Very sad news, my condolences Denise and Derek.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Derek, Denise, and family.
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Denise, please accept my most sincere condolences. You and Derek were a great source of love and comfort in his final days.
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I am so sorry, Denise. Hugs to both you and Derek in this difficult time.

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Oh, so sorry Denise and Derek. It is always difficult to lose a loved one. No matter what the age or circumstance. He will be missed.
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Thank you all so much. Your kind words mean a great deal. It's been difficult day. Even knowing it was coming when he entered hospice a month ago it's not something you think of as real until it happens. He's left a large hole.

Hug your loved ones, tell them how much you love them. We were so fortunate to be with him on the day before. I took him a hamburger and vanilla shake, his favorite meal. Although he ate little of it. Derek played music for him and he spoke with his granddaughter on the phone. All the i's were dotted and t's crossed. He passed in his sleep that very night.

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