Wednesday dinner plans?
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I CAN PLAY NOW!!!!! Oh my, I woke this morning and didn't have to consult my "to do" list. Whenever! No time frame!!!

I have to take stock of what I have, we brought several coolers of food down yesterday, but I'm thinking of using a frozen pork tenderloin in some way. Maybe the recipe Jean gave me last winter with lemon and rosemary, it was such a hit with guests...

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Well now, good morning, MS Vicci!!! Great to have your life back, huh??

We're on one of the two 'enforced' healthy days of the week. Grilled lamb chops with tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber.

We'll probably blow all health to hell tomorrow.....
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Actually, I am kind of like Vicci... My work is done and I have some time to do something fun!

So, I am going to make the copycat Big Macs tonight (the ones that Blane and Carylann make). I just made the special sauce this morning and am letting it sit.

I love a Big Mac and can't wait to try a homemade one. Yum!
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I pulled some meatloaf from the freezer (have been doing pretty good emptying it the last few weeks) and will pick up an antipasto salad from our favorite pizza place.
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Laura, the copycat special sauce we use is 1000 Island dressing.

Today it's rosemary chicken with grapes and bleu cheese.
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We're having the chicken cutlets with almond butter sauce. Obviously, since I'm pretty sure Blane is the one who brought this recipe to my attention, I'm serving it with asparagus!

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