Welcome new (and old!) members!!!
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Ok, so we have 2600 members and only a handful of them post. I know it can be intimidating jumping into an established board, but we're really nice and we love to hear from new people! So new members (and returning members too!), here is your chance to introduce yourselves.

I'll go first. My name is Tammy...I like to cook, bake and surf the internet. I LOVE this magazine and since you're reading this, I can only guess that you do too! I'll be the first to admit that I don't cook from it as much as I'd like to, although I have been doing much better since I joined this forum.

Ok, your turn!
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I'll take a turn. My name is Cynthia, I'm a returning member. My husband and I like to cook together,fish, canoe, hike and camp. We love Mexican food and have visited Mexico. I've learned a million things from this magazine and from the folks on this forum.
So, who's next?
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Okay...I would have responded earlier, but I've been away most the day! My name is Angela. I live in Arkansas. I'm a SAHM of 2 kids (who subs at the elementary shcool somr) I love cooking...it is my passion. And in my next life, I hope to be a professional chef! I pretend now!....LOL
Welcome aboard a new and revisiting members! We're all here for the same reason so let's cook and share!
Take care!
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My husband and I just semi-retired from Northern Calif. to Port Angeles, WA - the most beautiful spot in the world!! We're traveling a lot as my husband is still doing consulting work for his old company and I'm able to cook with chef's I've met over the years wherever we hang out hats for a few days. So, I guess I'm also a semi-retired chef who now just loves to cook and try new recipes and flavors!!
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Hi Fellow Foodies,
How nice to read posts about this wonderful magazine. I received it as a gift about 4 years ago and was so impressed by it that I bought all the previous years. Rarely do I try a recipe in Cuisine that isn't a "keeper."

We currently live in Nebraska, where my husband is part of a university and I'm retired, but we've lived in many sections of the country.

Forgive me for lurking so long.

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Hi, everyone. My name is Brenda but I always use coco on the computer. I have just renewed my subscription for the second two years. I love the magazine, but I have to admit that I haven't tried many recipes. I just haven't had much time to cook. I live in a very quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles called Eagle Rock. I work in Los Angeles as a second grade teacher. My husband is a retired architect and I am looking to retire in a couple of years. My only daughter is 21 years old and is a fulltime college student. I am glad that this forum is finally returning to life. I always read it but lately I have been just lurking. I also welcome everyone to post.
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My name is Marina and I live in Northern California. I have been subscribing to CAH for a couple of years now and hooked a bunch of my friends to the magazine. I love to cook and especially experiment with new recipies. I am originally from Russia so I do know a bunch or authentic russian recipies if anybody is interested in trying something.
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Wow! I love the diversity we have here! That's pretty neat! Russian food is something I'm not familiar with at all!
Loving every moment of my life!!
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I think you all know I am Roxanne!!! We presently live in Cape Town, South Africa but are originally from Massachusetts. We retired here several years ago (14, in fact---can't believe it has been that long--how time flies!!!)DH is a neurosurgeon, I'm an R.N. and interior designer. My hobby upon retiring became cooking---BIG TIME!!! Strangest thing---my Mom mailed me a complimentary issue of CAH about four years ago---there has been no turning back---every recipe that I have attempted has been a winner and I have since ordered all of the back issues volumes and keep up with the current subscription. I just renewed for two years and also ordered the Weeknight Menus. These recipes are "home" and the ingredients are readily available here (for the most part)--I have enjoyed the interaction that has come on board recently---I certainly hope that more will participate----this is a great place to be!!! HAPPY COOKING!!!!

I love input from any other country or culture---please submit whenever you have the time---I'm an easy sell---and love to experiment---LOVED chemistry!!!
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I graduated in'65 with a BS in chemistry and after several years became an independent insurance agent in central Texas. I'm a serious Texas Longhorn fan. My wife and I love to cook--southwestern USA, Italian, southern USA. We give about six parties a year for groups of 25-30. We also entertain about six times a year with a sit down dinner, plus family gatherings around the smoker and pool ( My team won our county brisket cook off and got to participate in the Houston Livestock Show cook off--we didn't win that one). I love fine wine, especially pinot noir, barolo, and sauvignon blanc. We love to tour winerys in Oregon, Washington, and California. My name is Bill and I love this magazine--gave my daughter a subscription.
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