Re-Review of Pork Satay - Maryann's B'day 2012
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Playing with steak last Thursday, I ran across this old recipe/b'day review dinner from Maryann and tried it with the steak.

Made the sauce as written (even using the called for amount of chili garlic sauce), then added peanut butter to the sauce and wow, is this good!! I froze a lot of the sauce in small amounts for later (may use again tomorrow! )

I also used the method of watering the sauce down while the steak was grilling - of course they cooked so quickly, I only was able to brush twice, but it was so good.

I didn't think this was going to be so good and didn't take a picture, but it sure was!!

Pork Satay-Maryann's 2012 B'day Dinner review

P.S. Another idea I picked up from a lunch we had in Roseburg (Billy's Meatball) - at Brix Bistro - Roy had a bucket of clams and the broth was delicious. Cook came out and said all he uses is marinara sauce and white wine to cook the clams in - what a great idea!
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Thanks for bringing this one up again. We were making this quite often or a while, then forgot about it. Time to do again.

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