Great price!
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Not sure how long this is on or how far this reaches, but Winn Dixie has "boneless pork tenderloin half" on sale (with one of their store cards) for $2.45/lb.

They also had ten-pound bags of chicken leg quarters on sale for 49 cents/lb.
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Wow, wish we had one in our area.
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Gosh, I haven't seen a Winn Dixie in years!
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Daphne, there used to be one in Myrtle Beach and we used to see another one on the way in, but can't think of it at the moment. But, like so many stores, they could be closed by now.

That is an amazing price on chicken leg quarters. The cheapest I can get them on sale is .79 a pound and that's only once in a great while.

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So funny - we were watching the Winn Dixie movier earlier. It was a great children's book as well.

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