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I bought a bunch of cornish hens. Have anybody tried any recipies from the issue that has cornish hen on the front page. If you did...please share if you liked it or not.

Thanks in advance.
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Any idea which issue that is?? We don't have cornish hens here but we have really small chickens that should work just as well---about 2 1/2 to 3 pounders----the average!! I'll have to check that one out but please share your results with us!!!

I'm gonna have to let my waistline on my clothes out another notch!! UGH!!!!
"Never eat more than you can lift" Miss Piggy
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That was Issue 45 Rox and they were OUTSTANDING!! We did all three versions and Mediterranean Game Hens was our favorite.
That butter under the skin is sensational. And do try the orzo, I'm addicted to it now. Anxious to hear how it goes for you Marina and which one you choose.
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YIMIIIIEEEEE..i am so glad...because mediterranean looked like my favorite too..GUESS WHAT"S FOR DINNER THIS WEEKEND?

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You go girl!! Let us know how it goes. How many will you be cooking for?
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Well..i think we will have one couple over for dinner but i am not sure yet,but i will for sure make the cornish hens and orzo...sounds like a great combination.
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One of my favorite ways to prepare orzo is to boil it in chicken broth. When it's cooked, I stir in some sliced black olives, chopped & seeded tomatoes, and about 1/2 c. of feta cheese! Yum!
Loving every moment of my life!!
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Oh that sounds great Ang,
I don't know why it took me so long to discover orzo. Now I love it.

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