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This is kind of a bad news/good news, so hang in there with me.

William's office manager and CADD operator, who he refers to as his office wife... Minus the sex, of course, found out she had breast cancer during all the nightmares we were dealing with this last spring. She had four rounds of chemo and then surgery about three weeks ago. All these health issues have seriously caused work to slow down. Hopefully, that will change soon.

Anyway, that was the bad news. Now for some good news. First, she is currently testing cancer free, none in the lymph nodes! YAY! Now for the icing on the cake. Today she was contacted by The Pink Lady Foundation, I think that was the name? Anyway, NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch, is working with them. He selected 20 breast cancer survivors to be his guest at the upcoming race near Charlotte this weekend. They get a deluxe suite, full tour of track, including meeting all the drivers, and a 30 minute meet and greet with him! AND SHE WAS SELECTED!!!! She and her husband are fans, but they have never actually been to a race. They all also get a suite in a nearby hotel. She is so excited!!!!

Correction, I think it is Pretty in Pink Foundation. He has worked for them before.
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Daphne, it's so nice to hear such good news! Glad to hear there is no sign of cancer. Much to be thankful for and excited about all at the same time.

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WOW! Good news, indeed!
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Those are the uplifting stories we need more of
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Tell her I never thought I would wear pink. I do now. Also give her our best wishes, Bill & Jane (also a breast cancer survivor).
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Thanks, Bill and Jane! Wear your pink proud!
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