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Well---I think this recipe Halibut in Spanish Garlic-Shrimp Sauce is a definite winner!!!!

I used spinach instead of collard greens--the greens are not available here. DH is NOT a big fan of "rabbit food" of any kind but he really loved this and even said he would eat them again--ate every last morsel!! HOORAY! They were perfectly seasoned following the ingredient list.

I used kingklip for the halibut--another ingredient not available here but quite similar in texture and taste. What an incredible taste sensation---and I also added more shrimp. They a fairly inexpensive here and we can't get enough of them in our meals. I also made some extra for a shrimp salad for lunch. The sauce -- great for the infusion factor. I did cut back on the lemon juice only because I always do.

The entree was served with angel hair pasta--tossed in the sauce. This is such a great starch addition--very flexible, simple and always enjoyed for that little bit of extra lightness.

A little garlic bread finished the main dish---all in all--a definite keeper and will be done again.

Thanks for the suggestion---success with #2!!

Now---dessert was the plum nectarine crisp from Issue 35. Great ending--I did not make the ramekins though--used a 9X9 pan. This way everyone helped themselves for their own amount, placed a dollop of whipped cream on top and everybody was happy with rave reviews.

I had to make my own almond paste though---really easy recipe taken from a google search. The only change I would make there would be to add the egg mixture to the flour ingredients in small amounts. I used a jumbo egg which is far too much to create the appropriate clumps. I remade the crisp part and added just enough of the egg in small increments to achieve the end result. I think a small or medium egg would be perfect.

This is a fun exercise--making some dishes not usually on my repertoire---YUMMMM!!!!

Curious to know how the meringue clouds came out---the recipe is very similar to a Pavlova recipe I've done---always a HUGE hit when I serve.

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We really enjoyed the Spanish Halibut!! I was able to get frozen halibut and it was very light and delicious. Was thinking of making parmesean baskets for an appy and then totally spaced it out (no more sipping wine before dinner)
Made some slight changes to the greens, used frozen spinach because we both love it and didn't see any collard in the store yet. Also used turkey bacon, we switched to that a while ago (heartwise) and we haven't missed the real stuff. It gave the spinach a nice bacony lilt. Upped the shrimp amount and made more sauce too. Sopped it up with the Italian bread. Neither of us had had halibut before and we loved the flavor it had. This was an excellent meal. Simple really and wonderful flavors. There will be encores!
The Meringue Clouds were terriffic! Talk about easy to make and cute. I didn't do the sourcream thing, just filled them with lite whipped topping and topped with sugared berries YUM. Question-Do you use a fork or spoon to eat these?
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We started the dinner with small appy-size pizzas - Wolfgang's Prosciutto & Arugula from issue #56. This is a real winner. Been so long since I've used any pizza dough except mine (I always add garlic & onion powders and whole wheat flour), that it seemed a little blah, but overall very tastey!

The note I wrote on the Halibut recipe is, "pretty nice combination of flavors - if I had halibut on hand, I'd make this again. I wouldn't go out and buy halibut just to make it." So, guessing that gives the dish ~7?

No dessert.
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I made the halibut with garlic-shrimp sauce, the sofrito collard greens, and cheddar biscuits. Everyone loved it all!

I was iffy on the collards as I'd never made them before and never really cared for them. My husband told me he hated them, and it would take a small miracle for me to make them in a way he would like them. He ate them all and thinks I should make them for his father (from Alabama). My kids even ate them and one even wanted seconds. I couldn't believe it! They are a little bitter for me, but still very good. I wished I used spinach, but they all said not to next time. They want it just like it was last night.

The fish was beautiful (and tasty!) except that it stuck to the pan. I still haven't figured out how to keep that from happening. Suggestions? Oh, and I learned that I HATE deveining and splitting shrimp!

The cheddar biscuits are from Issue 56, I think, and they were oh, so easy and very good. I didn't have cheddar so I used the cheddar/monterrey mix I had. I didn't have buttermilk either so I used 1/4 cup dried buttermilk and mixed it with the dry ingredients and used 1 cup water instead.

No real dessert this time. Just sauteed some bananas w/butter and brown sugar over ice cream...a faux bananas foster and not from C@H.

I really had a lot of fun with this. One of my favorite parts of this dinner party thing is that we make stuff I wouldn't normally make. I NEVER would have tried that collard recipe on my own! lol...you should have seen the fork shake when my husband brought that first bite of greens to his mouth. I about died when I saw him go back for a second bite.
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Okay guys....I really liked the sofrito...I used spinach instead of collard greens. I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY love garlic, but for some reason, I just didn't connect with this dish. I'm more disappointed in myself than the recipe...LOL, why is that? I used grouper instead of halibut because the grocery store was out. I didn't cook my garlic quite as long as it said...it started browning rather quickly, and I only had the heat on med-low. Next time, I think I'll cut the garlic and red pepper flakes in half! It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best either.

OK...what's next!! LOL
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I was "virtually" enjoying this as I don't do fish..just a personal preference. I was thinking about the desserts... such as Luscious Lemon Ice Cream by somebody we all know.. it's heavenly. (Or maybe it's Lemon Luscious..never can remember unless the recipe is right in front of me..CRS ya know.)

I do have a couple of spinach recipes you might enjoy. Let me know if anyone wants them.
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I love spinach! I would really enjoy to see some different recipes! Please post when you have time!
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I second that motion!!! Please-please-please--pretty please!!
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