Dinner #3
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Okay guys, are we up for another week?
Who's going to throw their suggestion out there?
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a couple ideas that I've had dog eared forever -

Issue 44
Asian bbq Lamb - pg. 24
Garlic Lime rice - pg. 43
side? maybe Balsamic-olive oil roasted asparagus?


Issue 43
8-layer lasagna
Chicken Alfredo lasagna

the weather is getting warmer and warmer and soon lasagnas will have to wait a few months.

has anyone tried the Lemon Meringue Baked Alaska from Issue 42?
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Those all sound very tempting. I've been thinking about that Baked Alaska for a while. Lasagna before warm weather is a smart idea too. When do we want to have these reviewed by?
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Lasagna sounds good to me too. I've also been eyeballing the potstickers and shrimp wontons....lol...and much much more! I just wrote a list the other day of all the recipes I HAVE to make. Here's what I have so far:

Peel and Eat Colossal Shrimp w/Garlic-Tabasco Sauce Issue 51

Slow-Roasted Chipotle Salmon w/Pineapple cilantro rice Issue 51

French Onion Salisbury Steak (my brother LOVES this!) Issue 50

Pork Potstickers w/hot and sour sauce Issue 55

Shrimp Wontons with creamy chili sauce Issue 55

Sauteed Gnocchi Issue 55

Banana Cream Pie Issue 49

I would be open to having any of these on our dinner party menus...also, if anyone has made any of these, I'd love to hear how they were.

Edited to add Issue numbers.
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I made the potstickers and shrimp wontons the day after I rec'd the magazine, I think. If it's a Martin Yan recipe, I'm right there. They are both just wonderful! But, I would not be adverse to making them again if all would like...

The shrimp looks familiar, but I don't know which issue they are in.
The others don't look familiar.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Did you make the potstickers and wontons for the same meal? Were they difficult? I think filled dumpling-type foods intimidate me....but they look sooo good!
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I made the potstickers! They were delicious, but time consuming! I didn't make the wontons, but they look good too!

I'm going to make the Lasagna Soup (Iss. 54) tonight. It looks good, easy and the kids will love it!

By the way, as far as Dinner #3 is concerned, you guys pick. It's been extremely warm here. Warm enough that the kids have swam in the pool....LOL! NOT me, I'm not in to 60 degree water! So if fixing lasagna before you guys warm up is the consensus, then we'll go for it!
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I'm game for whatever the consensus is---I can't miss out on the fun!!! Any menu that is suggested will be great--I'm beginning to enjoy the different palates and chemistry experiments!! Can't wait to see what is decided!!

I HAVE made the lemon Alaska---absolutely mind boggling and not that difficult---my dinner guests have always raved about it but more importantly--hubby loved it!!! Try it---you will enjoy---for sure!!

I have been looking at the potstickers and wontons for a while---even went out to find the ingredients and finally succeeded. They are in the freezer and will be ready when you guys are. Something a little more comforting for you would probably be in order---we are just going into fall/winter here soooo it doesn't make any difference to us---I love new treats!!
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Cynthia and I have already chosen an online dinner...
Tammy or Jean....you guys decide!!!
I really am game for whatever,.....as long as it's food! LOL
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Oh, I don't know! How about either the lasagna or the wontons/potstickers? Maybe whichever one we don't do this time, we can do next time? Thoughts anyone?

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