Sunday Dinner, 11/29/15??
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What's on the menu for all today??

Scallop potatoes here to go with l/0 ham.
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Ron is leaving today for Pennsylvania. Deer hunting week again. So, I make sure that I have a full social calendar for the week. Starting with tonight, taking my dad out for Chinese food. Sort of a tradition that goes back to the days before Ron ate/liked Chinese food.

For lunch we will have l/o pumpkin soup.

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Beef stroganoff using leftover prime rib. Egg noodles. Broccoli.
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Pretty fancy stroganoff.

We're trying a new restaurant tonight.

Now off to the pool, it's hot and humid here, we're loving it.
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That menu looks great Blane. I'd have a difficult time trying to pick an entrée. All sounds wonderful.
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We honeymooned in PV many years ago and haven't been back since...moving east may have had something to do with that! However, your posts are making me REALLY want to go back, Blane!! Yet another wonderful restaurant....

Tonight, we are using up the last of our turkey in mole enchiladas. They're becoming a tradition around here. We love them.
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Nice menu, Blane! Can't wait to here how you like it!

Tonight, we are having sweet potato pancakes with sausage. It's a favorite leftover menu from last year. Can't wait!
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