Monday's Dinner, 1/4/16??
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What's on the menu for everyone today??

I have a beautiful steak which will be adorned with Foie Gras and a new method for oven fries.

Whooeee! Just opened the blinds and we have snow!! It's so pretty in my world this morning!!!
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HA!!! We are doing steaks, spuds and salad......strange how this is happening Jean.

No Foie Gras though.

Denise's recipe for red snapper looks like a keeper---printed and will try.
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Tony and Michael are headed up to the local mountains for a couple of days (should be snowing - Michael has never been in snow) so I'm on my own. Thinking about shrimp scampi.
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We woke up to snow today also. Sure feels cold after all the warm temps these last few weeks.

I'm making an old recipe for pork chops that Ron has always loved. It calls for flour, salt, garlic powder and dry mustard; shake in a bag with the pork chops, brown in some oil, then into the slow cooker with chicken and rice soup.
Comes out fork tender and he likes it with frozen peas.

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Hubby and I are both out today with colds. Didn't sleep a wink last night, got up at 5 am to take a decongestant and got a couple hours sleep. Yuck!! Not the way I wanted to end a week off from work.

Doing simple burgers here. (Lots of Siracha going on top of mine!) And having peas with my mushrooms as well! First time in a long time I could get them at the market.

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Oh Barbara, after our bout with that a couple weeks ago, I can sure sympathize with you both!! What a bummer!

Great minds and all that, huh, Roxanne?

I'm kind of envying you, Trixxee. I love Roy dearly, but we've been joined at hip ever since he retired....................... I do need some 'Jean' time, I think.

Maryann, that just sounds like good comfort food.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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This is actually the very first "guys" trip they have ever taken. I hope the weather cooperates. Glad for the Subaru all wheel drive.
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Jean, I know what you mean about me time. I miss my free Friday night.

Barbara, I hope you guys get better soon. We had that the week of Christmas. I'm still living with a little chest congestion.since I'm sensitive to bronchitis, I'm not surprised.

It's still really cold here, so I'm making Chicken Pot Pie.
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What a fun snowy day of cooking/baking!!!

I've never had foie gras on a steak - and am I ever hooked. The picture could stand a little finesse but, let me tell you, it was so delicious!! Thanks again to Blane & C.A. for such a great present.
[Image: Jan%204%20N.Y.%20steak%20w%20foie%20gras...vwhfvt.jpg]

And, I had some bananas that were really ripe and instead of making the old standby (a Chef's Journey....Home) recipes, I tried one from the ACF (American Culinary Federation - my alma mater, so to speak) and is it ever good. I also read in a newsletter that a trend for 2016 restaurants which serve breakfast will be French Toast made with quick breads...............
[Image: Jan%204%20Banana%20Bread_zpspxnsxfri.jpg]

And, lastly - fed my sourdough and made a loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread that is really good as toast!!!
[Image: Jan%204%20Sourdough%20W.W.%20bread_zpsgi0nfear.jpg]

I'm done. Now, if we can just stay out of that darn Banana Bread!!
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
  Re: Re: Monday's Dinner, 1/4/16?? by cjs (What a fun snowy day...)
Feel better, Barbara!

That all looks amazing, Jean. Enjoy!!

I started back today. I think this is the only break in the school year where it is more relaxing to be Jewish than Christian over time off. Usually, I just get to play. This one, I actually had a deadline! Regardless, it was a wonderful Christmas.

Tonight's dinner was a chicken and bell pepper stew with potatoes and capers. It was pretty darn tasty.

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