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How did you all fare thru last night's weather?? I know Maryann & Daphne were in the path...who else? And, how is everyone?
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Not too bad here. Rain turned to snow overnight, but so far we haven't gotten that much. It is predicted that we will get more later today, so I may have some little visitors dropped off at my house in the morning. Better get some pizza dough started.

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We faired better than I'd hoped. The worst part of the storm moved just far enough north that it just missed us. The wind was crazy, though. Lots of yard work ahead, though. And Andrew made it to Boone safely. So I'm feeling blessed.
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Crazy winds plus over 1" of rain. "Mom" next door has a couple a big branches in her backyard and a huge one dangling in the tree still. We'll take care of them this weekend. There was a tornado touchdown in Lancaster County, PA last night.

Lost power for about 10 minutes, and the generator kicked in, but that was all. Still windy as all get out today.

Hope everyone else came out of it okay.

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I'm glad you are all okay. Geeze this weather is getting terrifying. Stay safe everyone.
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We had a tornado warning until 11 last night, but it ended up being just heavy rain and high winds. Some yard cleanup today, although a large branch fell on my favorite tree.

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Such a family we all are - saw the coverage on the news and immediately thought of the three that have already checked in. So glad you all avoided any serious damage. I can't imagine anything worse than a tornado in the middle of the night - terrifying!
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I agree Linda - Bumps in the night are a hell of a lot scarier!!! So glad everyone weathered this one.
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