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I have been trying Sainsburys's basics peanut butter for the first time as suggested by another poster, and I am quite surprised to find I actually like it. I notice that is does have added sugar though. Can anyone suggest a brand with lowest carb/sugar content, and maybe no added salt?
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Welcome to the forum - afraid it wasn't me with this brand of peanut butter.

Anyone else???
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I've seen a new product, for mr, recently that I found intriguing. It was powdered peanut butter....just add water. I'd taste it but don't know if I'd buy it.
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Daphne, that powdered peanut butter is really popular with some of my friends who are constantly dieting. It actually tastes pretty good reconstituted, and I know that the ingredients list is stunningly short in the brand they prefer, PB2, just peanuts and a bit of sugar, but I'm still a bit uncomfortable with such a processed food.
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Try Trader Joe's nut butters. They just have peanuts and salt, the almond butters have just almonds or almonds and salt. Of course if you have a Vitamix it is really easy to make your own.

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