Sunday Dinner, 4/10/16??
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What's on the menu for today??

Mine is already - Deva's Chili, Game Day Sandwiches, and Pineapple Crisp - to feed our tree removal crew. So anxious for the unobstructed view!!!
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Tony is making a big pot of meatballs, italian sausage and marinara. We'll have it over bowties. Maybe tomorrow we'll have meatball subs and then we'll package up the rest for future freezer diving.
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Meatballs sound delicious! I love it when I can make several meals like that, Trixxee.

Jean, we're having chili, too. I'm glad you're getting your view opened up! The last time we had a tree removal crew at the lake there was a thunderstorm coming in. Those guys were up in the top of swaying pine trees with chainsaws as thunder and lightning flashed nearby. I was freaking out, and they were all laughing at me.

The chili I'm making is Flank Steak in Adobo. I made it once before and we loved it, so I'm really looking forward to it.
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That looks delicious Karyn.

Today I'm making BK Whalers with onion rings, but a meatball sub sounds better.
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That sounds good, Karyn. Last night my chili seemed flat, so I pulled some chipotles in adobo sauce out of the freezer and added some to the chili. Just what it needed. I'm discovering I have a greater tolerance for heat these days.

I mentioned William's lack of self control in another thread. Example: Tonight's Dinner. I didn't get menu planning finished yesterday, which put grocery shopping off until tomorrow or Tuesday. So I started listing what was in the freezer. When I got to the wings from last week, he stopped me and asked if I could make more of the Blue Potato Salad, but the jazzed up version I turned it into Friday. Salad on the side.
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Daphne, I love adding a little spicy smokiness to chili, too, but this one really doesn't need it. I'm going to have to try those potatoes!

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