Dinner #4 Critique
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I was anxious to post before I forget any details.
The 8 Layer Lasagna was a big hit for us! Used Tammy's boursin recipe since none was available here
This lasagna was one of the tastiest we ever had. The spinach was just the right touch too, we loved it. Of course there was 5x more than we needed, but it's all packed into little one serving containers destined to go to work with James each day this week (and he's a happy camper). I changed the salad I was planning to a more simple one like Roxanne mentioned, letting the lasagna be the Big taste of the dinner. Made the garlic bread as planned. For dessert tried my hand at creme brulee for the very first time, YUM. It came out well and I think it'll go smoother when we get more familiar with it.
So, how did everyone else's go?
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I wrote my critique up last week - had to do the dinner before we left -

"This has to be one of the tastiest Lasagna’s I’ve made. We love boursin, so the addition of it to the béchamel sauce is right up our alley.

I’ve always pooh-poohed using the no-boil noodles, but decided to go with the recipe as written – and the method of par-boiling them is a wonderful tip and the noodles worked great. I’m a convert.

Was a hectic day, we just had roasted asparagus as a side – didn’t get the bread made. Also, darn didn’t have time to make the sausage…Roxanne, did you? If so, I’m really envious.

I'll make this one probably every winter!!"

I have two little (well, not too little!) pkgs. in the freezer with us so we can enjoy it again soon.

I just didn't have room to bring my Cuisines with me, so whatever you guys decide to do next I'll have to have the recipes posted - if you don't mind. ready for our next assignment...

Cynthia - I'm so glad you finally got to make Creme Brulee - isn't it wonderful and beautiful to look at? Love that dessert!
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I haven't been able to fix mine yet... Our softball tournament lasted until Sun. afternoon. I've not been home one night this past week, nor will I be home any night this week until Friday. I'm sooo disappointed. I have all of the ingredients, just not the time. I'm still going to fix it, so when I do, I will post. I can't wait to taste it! We love lasagna! I also plan to fix Cynthia's bread with it.
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We made the lasagna Saturday night. Everyone kept suggesting what they do with lasagna -- I had to keep reminding them that I was going exactly by the recipe, they all sighed hopelessly.

When it was time to eat, oh boy! Christa made a lovely salad. We had crostini with the leftover boursin and tapenade for apppys. The lasagna was the star of the meal!! We cleaned up a bit more than half Saturday. We had more last night, and I'm eating some for breakfast right now!

I loved how the recipe was laid out -- it was perfect and actually pretty easy to make. I didn't have the no boil noodles - but simply parcooked some Dreamfields Lasagna and it was perfect - not cooked to death.

Everyone loved it, said it was the best lasagna ever! We served it with some very nice chianti, a sangiovese, and another wonderful wine from Windsor "3 Vine Wine". All were perfect. We forgot about the bread since we'd had the crostini as a first course. This will absolutely become a frequent flyer around here, it would be nice for a big Italian themed pot luck.
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I also made this on Saturday evening. As mentioned before--my DH is not a great lover of lasagna--or any pasta for that matter---BUT---he is converted!!!

This recipe is incredible!!! SO very tasty and the flavors were spot on!!

I made the home Italian sausage that cjs posted---I will never return to the store/ready to buy brands again. NO COMPARISON!!! Sensational recipe---a little time involved but I have all that left in the freezer for future use---YUM!!!! Thanks to cjs---you are a star!!!

The final critique?? I will definitely make again. DH loved it and had thirds!!! I was picking at it the following day and we had leftovers on Sunday evening---we're still discussing how great it was---who woulda thunk??!!??
The simple green salad was perfect and NO bread needed---although I did serve some of the sourdough bread I had made a day before for another meal---just toasted with a touch of garlic and VOILA!!!! How simple was that. Dessert for this was unnecessary in my opinion. I GAINED TWO pounds looking at it---not including what I consumed---

Ready for our next choice-----
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As much as we enjoyed the Lasagne, I'll just bet it was twice as good with home made sausage - dang, I wish I'd had had(or maybe taken!) the time!
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I finally finished putting that darn lasagna together...it was fun but boy am I pooped (can I say that here? ). Anyway, since I had so much filling stuff left over, I made a small lasagna for my grandmother. That's the real test right there...that woman (NOT Italian!) is VERY picky about her lasagna. She loves lasagna but mostly her own, I think. I gave it to her unbaked so she hasn't eaten it yet. This is not like any she's ever had so we'll see how it goes. lol...I think I'm nervous!

My lasagna is assembled...I'm just waiting on Cynthia's bread to rise. Oh, and I have a question about the bread. The recipe calls for 2 tsp garlic salt...I didn't have any so I used garlic powder and extra salt. I was afraid of putting too much salt in...anybody else do this sort of substitution?

I was going to serve a salad too, but right now I'm too tired to make one! Maybe my batteries will recharge while the bread rises.
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Tammy, that's the same way I do it when I don't have garlic salt around. I think that may be why it's got two packs of yeast in it, to counteract the saltiness. I love the salty garlic cheesey flavor.
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Well, dinner is over and wow! Everyone loved everything. Geez, I was drowning in compliments...ok...swimming, I loved every minute of it!

The lasagna---Husband said it was the best he's ever had. The boys loved it too.

The salad---I made the same one we made with the pork chops. Justin (my 13 year old) wants it for breakfast tomorrow.

The bread---Tommy (my 15 year old) wants me to make it again tomorrow. He ate more bread and salad than lasagna, I think. Cynthia, thank you so much for the bread recipe!

My husband was so impressed with everything...*sigh* It was wonderful! Too bad I didn't make dessert!
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Looks like an all-around winner here!!
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