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Let me start by saying that Mimosa has been feeling much better with a daily dose of Famotidine (Pepcid) and a kidney-support dog food (Purina NF - the only Purina product she's ever liked).

We finally decided that there was just no way we were going to be able to take care of the matting of her fur on our own and that we needed to have a groomer give her a buzz cut so we could start a proper brushing routine from scratch.

This was the first time she's been to a groomer, so we weren't sure how she would react, but she made us proud by being very well behaved despite her obviously not liking the clippers (and in the hands of a stranger, at that).

Honestly, we don't really like this look for her, but the matting had just gotten out of hand. I know some people take their dogs to the groomers regularly (some even as much as once a week), but I doubt we'll take Mimosa there again unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

Here, then, is the dog you all know and love, but probably won't recognize.

[Image: WxNv370.jpg]
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poor little thing feels naked!!!!

One of our puppies had to be given a tranquilizer every visit to the groomer....
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Awwwww! Poor baby!!! (It'll grow back...it'll grow back! )

Jean, that gave me a chuckle!
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"Does this haircut make my paws look big"?
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Oh my, Mimosa actually looks embarrassed!

I'm laughing because that's what Charlie looks like every summer when he gets his summer haircut. It's just the only way to get the mats out and he hates getting brushed/combed.

Don't worry, it will grow back faster than you think. We like to keep Charlie's coat short in the summer months since it's easier to give him frequent baths.

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Yes, her fur does grow very quickly. That's one of the reasons the matting got out of hand so quickly.

She's not used to that lack of a heavy coat, so now she feels chilly.
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I think she looks really cute.

We took Sunny to the groomer as soon as we got him, so he could get accustomed to the process, and get a proper flea bath. We took him again about a week ago, mainly to get his very sharp nails cut and ground (we tried but it was worth the $6 extra to have the groomer do it). Since he still has his puppy coat, they don't cut his hair, just bathe him, dematt and brush it. They do trim the hair around his eyes, mouth, in his paws and around his genital and anal area. They also smoothed the bottom of his paws. He seems to really like it there. Next summer he will get a cut similar to Mimosa's. We'll do it just once a year at the beginning of the summer.

Labs, not sure what you use, but we got a special doggy towel and he loves to be dried. We also got this tool dematter and it works really well. We follow with a slicker brush.
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Mimosa looks a little lost . . . without all the fur. It'll grow out and you might find a really cute stage.

Opie goes in in the spring for a shave down, then as needed for "sanitary trim"s and baths during the year. He get's matted really easily. We also have to take the cat in because he gets awful. They have to knock him out and I am not sure they'll do it again because of his age.
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Well, she still looks great! Hair will grow back and in the meantime she'll probably feel so much better.
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I'm thinking that Mimosa has been really enjoying her new haircut with all the hot weather we had. I had to take Charlie in for a second "summer haircut" and he looks a little naked.

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