I'M BACK!!!!!!
And made it to the new forum, many thanks Tony! God love you, I can't imagine what this poor man has been going thru! I am so excited to be back home again with all of you guys, I have missed everyone and have bunches to catch up with so be patient with me as I work my way through all the old posts. I can't wait to read what everyone has been up to.

What a summer here . . . I am pretty sure that I will be set to have my best year ever, I am winding down the course with the weather, but I have several Christmas parties scheduled, at least one more wedding and am talking with another for Dec. 18, so there are still events to come, just not as intense as this summer was. It was a beautiful summer for golf in this area, you couldn't have asked for better weather. I kept my prices low just to get people in the door to see the improvements we made on the course and gave all the rest of the local courses a run for their money with my prices.

Did not have as many weddings as last year, I think I will end up with 8 compared to 14 last year, but it might just have been an off year, and the economy in this area is a little iffy, the local GE plant that used to employ 15,000 in its peak is looking to shut down, so people are being cautious with their money.

But the big news is that the course is officially all mine. We reached an agreement and I am sole owner now. More than a little bumpy road to get here, I must say the PA Liquor Control Board really can go out of its way to make a small transition a major endeavor, and it didn't help that Patty's husband thought he could avoid taxes by not opening an estate so that delayed things further. But we persevered and it is done. Let me know, Jean, when you are ready to discuss the retirement home!

So, I am in the process of ironing 200+ chair covers from the last wedding, and sorting out my latest purchase of linens while I am entertaining the few straggling golfers that are crazy enough to be out in 50 degree weather. But I have been heading home to at least make dinner for my crew and I must say, it has been months since I have had hot food on my plate that I haven't had to stop and answer the phone or deal with a golfer, so I am pretty excited at that simple pleasure.

Bear with me while I work my way through all the old posts (assuming of course that they haven't been lost to cyberspace with the transition!). I can't wait to get back to all of you guys again!
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Linda, it's great to see you again! I'm so glad that Tony was able to help you. Don't know why it was harder for us than for some others to access the new forum, but sure glad it's getting worked out.

So happy for you that this was a successful year and that you are finally the sole owner. What a relief that is over! Do you and your daughter do the weddings by yourself? What a lot of work! Enjoy what time you can get to yourself over the winter.

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CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME BACK, LINDA!!! Maybe this is the beginning of our little family coming back together again!!

I (we) are so excited for your success and want to continue traveling this journey with you. I'm so glad Tony was able to help and I'm sorry I'm so tech-challenged that I was unable to. But, whatever - it's done and you're here!

I'm telling you I'm getting closer to the retirement home than I was a month or so ago............. Smile Smile Smile
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It is so good to hear all your good news!  What a struggle you went through to resolve ownership!  I'm so glad it's over!  I know you are so relieved!

So take your time catching up here, and enjoy your evenings with family now that the season is winding down!
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Wow! a lot of stuff going on!

But congrats on the new ownership deal. Good for you!
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It's good to see you back Linda!  I'm so glad you're now the sole owner! Resolving that and getting your business identity squared away is a big accomplishment.   

Our golfers are die hards!  They'll be ready to play while we wait for frost delays.  One of our guys plays every day . . . no matter what the weather is, unless we tell him NO!  Oh - he walks!

We are going through "new owner" trials again.  I won't even try to describe it all . . . .  Dodgy  Just glad to see that you're back and survived another year of golf!
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Linda, ironing 200+ chair covers????  I am in awe...  Glad that you've gotten things ironed out and are enjoying your sole ownership!  Big Grin

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