Sam's Club or Costco, Either
I've been making my Sam's club list this morning (we prefer Sam's to Costco) and I started to get curious about what the best things to buy are at these bulk warehouses. I googled a couple of articles and lists. Good things to buy are: toilet paper, baked goods, tilapia filets, among others too.  They said some bad things to buy would be: laundry detergent, diapers, books and media, condiments...

Anyway, there are some specific things we buy there because of the price and quality. So here is our list of must have's from Sam's Club.

  1. toilet paper
  2. steak
  3. eggs (we buy the large box of 7 dozen)
  4. milk (always cheaper)
  5. olive oil
  6. herbs and spices
  7. onions
  8. vinyl gloves
  9. bakery rolls and baguettes
  10. office supplies (copy paper, pens, scissors)
  11. Zazx= (this is when my kitten walked across the keyboard)
  12. cheeses
  13. lunch meat
  14. mushrooms
Just curious as to what others find to buy there that they find is a good deal and quality.
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First of all - Welcome back, Stranger!!!!!

Pretty much like your list, Laura - except for the milk, Vinyl gloves (I get mine from Restaurant Supply), and bakery goods. We used to belong to Sam's and Costco, but I don't know if there is a Sam's near us up here. (might have to check)

In fact, I have my clipboard ready to go - may go today or Monday.
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No Sam's Club around us.  That said, what DON'T we buy from Costco?

Woodbridge Chardonnay
Toothbrush heads for the Oral B
Miralax (too much information!)   generic
Allegra (generic)
Cetapahil facial cleanser
Kleenex/TP/Paper Towels
Sprayway (glass cleaner)
Chicken Tenderloins (frozen)
Tillapia loins (frozen)
Paper plates
Cascade tablets
Pringles (lunch size cans - hit and miss when in stock)

Somehow we manage to spend over $5000 a year there.
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Forgot kitchen trash bags and salt for the water softener.
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Number one is spices and Tones Beef and Chicken Base

After that:

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (unless I'm stocked up with buy 2 get 3 free at Harris Teeter)
Flank steak
Ground beef (again, unless I have a good deal elsewhere)
Various produce sometimes since I'm already there.

Other than the spices and the bases, that I can't get elsewhere, I have found that I do better getting things on sale elsewhere.  I check out the weekly ads for our favorite stores each week and stock up from there.  A lesson I learned from my daughter/financial advisor who worked at Sam's club for two years.  She is a business major, and the most frugal person I know.  She can stretch $60 in groceries for a week, and she lives with 2 guys that LOVE to eat!  A LOT!
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I used to be one of the Queens of Sales - but, with only a Safeway locally and one other large grocery store one town away, I'm pretty much pushed into Costco/Restaurant Supply runs probably every other month.
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I'm one of those fortunate people who has memberships to Costco, BJ's, and Sam's, and have never paid for any of them. My brother buys a business membership for his employees and includes me, and my dad still maintains his business memberships for Sam's and Bj's, so that he can buy all of us in the immediate family our memberships and that's his Christmas present to us each year.  Ron and I like to go to all of them and it's a great way to get in a walk in a controlled climate. Big Grin  Plus, I always seem to forget to use coupons that we clip.

Here is some of what I buy:
Half 'n Half or creamer,
eggs, butter, cheese, milk,
bacon, chicken, ribs, fish filets,
Heinz ketchup, Grey Poupon mustard,
Sriracha, teriyaki sauce, olive oil,
canned tomatoes, canned soups, spices,
frozen eggrolls, frozen chicken wings, frozen fish,
small cans of V8 juice for Ron's lunch, nuts,
saltine crackers, peanut butter,  
toilet paper, paper towels, Cascade/Palmolive
Dove soap, laundry detergent/fabric softener
Vitamin supplements, light bulbs, paperback
books, DVD's, CD's, greeting cards (BJ's)
occasional gift items

On occasion in the winter, I have purchased the large sacks of flour for baking
and large sacks of rice.
A few times we have purchased tires for our cars
Once I bought a room size rug from Costco to put in my bedroom
The whole family has large umbrellas and canopies to take to the beach
King size sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels
Gold Toe socks, Jockey underwear, sweatshirts (sports teams)

There is probably more that I'm not thinking of at the moment.  Ron usually goes with me and we take his truck, so all I ever have to shop for on a weekly basis is bread, lunchmeat, produce and sometimes  a trip to the meat store. I have grocery racks in the basement and we date and rotate everything.  This is all probably way more than anyone really wanted to know. Big Grin

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We used to have a Sam's only 10 minutes away, but since moving last year we've been dealing with twice-monthy 1-hour trips to the nearest Sam's Club up in Dover.  There is a BJ's closer, but Sam's is an easier drive, with a lot of other shops nearby that I miss from our old location (Kohl's, Big Lots, AC Moore, TJ Maxx, among others, and a wonderful place called Produce Junction).

What I buy almost exclusively from Sam's are:
toilet paper/ paper towels/ paper napkins
olive oil (I like Members Mark extra-vrigin, and Bertolli extra light for cooking)
baking supplies (flour, sugar, large packages of chocolate chips)
walnuts and pecans
Greek yogurt
green tea
gluten free multi-grain crackers
cheeses (Jarlesberg, smoked gouda, Cabot cheddar)
frozen turkey burgers
ground turkey
frozen tilapia fillets
fish oil caps, multi-vitamins

And, last week, I bought a jacket and a hoodie!  Big Grin

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