DINNER THREAD - 10/31 - 11/6/16
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Shame on you AND Roy!  LOL!  Just kidding, every birthday boy should get a chance to splurge!

William is doing great.  He wants to take off some weight so that working out in the field isn't so hard on him.  I told him tonight, with all the field work he's doing lately, he'll probably loose it without too much effort.

Maryann, we have not been this busy since before the housing bubble collapse!  NOT COMPLAINING!  We are overcoming the learning curve slowly but surely.  William always depended on Andrew to run the robot, so he has had to learn as he goes.  Before Andrew got hurt, William went along some to see what he could pick up.  He's not as fast as he'd like, but he's getting faster and faster with every job.

I've gone along with him on quite a few jobs, and this has helped me get a better understanding of what goes on to complete a map.  I have now done several house proposals and did my first map today with very little help.  William was so proud.  It won't be long before we can get up to speed.  That will help a lot!  I don't do well with people calling and fussing about when their survey will get done.   Angel

Final note:  It looks like I am not suffering nearly as badly with CRS as I thought!  It was school teaching that was scrambling my brain!!!!  I can remember details better than I EVER did!  I can multitask better than ever!  And names are not nearly the challenge they used to be!  It was always a mystery that I could learn the names of 30-90 kids in the first 10 days of school, but introduce me to an adult, and I wouldn't remember 5 minutes later!
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