Bum Chef

I created a new cooking channel on patreon. Would be so nice if you give it a look! Many thanks!

PS: Please don´t consider this as spam, I´m not running a business. Just trying to entertain and educate people.

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New video is up, and it´s free 4 all!
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Just wanted to let you know about this: https://www.patreon.com/posts/getting-better-16795873
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I was introduced to patreon by a semi successful creator, already established there. I was acting under his advice. I´ve now analyzed the "market" by myself.
There are just a tiny hand full of cooking creators on patreon at all. Good for me, less competition. But on the other hand: Why are there so few? Answer: Because nobody wants to see (and pay) someone for creating cooking videos.

So now all videos are public and I will simply add the phrase at the end:

If you want to support me; thanks a lot. If not: No problem, enjoy my videos!

(As mentioned in the beginning, I'm not running a business and not doing it for the videos.
Here's the youtube channel for your enjoyment:

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