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Okay where do i start? I didn't want to start a spin off because I was so content with the crew from keyisha and Cashmere i thought this was just  going to be the exact same thing and as i started reading it,it did feel that way than as each character developed boy was I wrong. The two books definitely do have their similarities but like  the title says this is more of a love saga and i loved every moment of it.Here i was skipping over this because i was waiting for keyshia and cashmere but now im like forget them i need love saga 2  now!! just kidding i love both. i do have 1 wish though i wish the author would always offer the book version and also kindle. i will still support but im old school there's nothing like reading a good old book and holding it and with the daily work that i do i use book reading time  to give my eyes rest from all these screens i look at all day. anyway back to the book 5 stars edit job could of been way better but i still got the idea awesome awesome awesome!!!
   Kevin Brown
Excellent movie
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Uga Basketball: Men End Winning Streak At Nine, Fall To Vandy In Nashville

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