Recipe for Scallop Salad

Share a recipe for Scallop Salad by a head chef. See this video and you can make it so easy.

  • Pork scallops: 100gr
  • Salad
  • purple cabbage
  • basil: 50gr
  • Onion: 10gr
  • Olive black: 10gr
  • Raw materials for making sauces: Purple onion, thyme, red pepper, salt, ground pepper
  • Honey: 20ml
  • Balsamic vinegar: 20ml
See video to know how to cook it.
  Re: Recipe for Scallop Salad by hoidaubepaau ([align=center][video...)
Looking at the interiors, the exquisite decoration is very good, the dishes are Au, but the quantity is very good

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