AOL Email Troubleshooting Help Number @ 1-888-315-9712
1.    Restart Your Computer: To fix sending AOL mail problems, restart you’re your computer so that your interconnectivity and internal memory in the computer will be refreshed. This is the basics step of AOL email troubleshooting.
2.    Check Internet Connectivity: Some time due to poor internet connectivity you face the issue in sending emails, so check whether it’s connected properly. If the internet is poor you will not be able to send emails.
3.    Use a Different Browser: To fix AOL mail sending issue change your current browser. Due to the outdated or corrupted browser, you will be unable to send AOL Email, in this case, you have to change your browser.
4.    Disable a Firewall: If you are unable to send AOL mail from your account, disable firewall because after installing a Firewall in the system, it blocks some services of your AOL mail. It is recommended to disable the Firewall to resolve the issue.
5.    Clear the Cookies and Caches: Now the last option is to clear the Cookies and Caches in your systems browser history and restart your computer, try to send again. These steps of AOL mail troubleshooting can help you fix sending AOL mail problems.
If still facing issue then I will recommend you to connect AOL Mail customer support team to get instant AOL mail help.
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