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Hi all. I was ordering an issue this morning and saw that there was a forum - who knew!! Been subscribing for a couple of years. Cook my way front to back each issue!! (last night's dinner - the fontina and arugala stuffed pork roulades in the new issue). so just saying - hello
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lol...I was the same way when I found this place. It was such a pleasant surprise! Cook your way from to back??? Wow! That's impressive! Oh, and welcome! I hope you decide to hang around!
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Hello Scarlet, glad to meet you. We have fun here.
Also hello to Sabine, sewfun2cook,cudavid and anyone else I might have not gotten to greet yet. Very happy to add you all to our foodie family. If you'd like, check the thread "Welcome New and Old Members" to read a bit about who some of us are. Be sure to tell us about you too
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Yeah, another newbie!! Welcome, Scarlet.
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Welcome Scarlet. If you cook from CAH you'll fit right in. Check out the thread Dinner #5 to see what we're planning for this week/weekend. I hope you'll hang around and join in.
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And do we have a "Tara" ???? WELCOME to you Scarlet---I hope you enjoy our family--we have a nice bunch of characters here--JUMP in at anytime---we love fresh ideas!! Please join our dinner parties. BOY!!! I wish I had the last issue---sounds like a winner to me!!!
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Welcome to you Scarlet!!Time to slow down on cooking all the recipes in c@h, so you can join us doing first time dishes!! have fun.
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