May 8 dinner party
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Okay---because of the time change---I guess I'm entitled to be first this time.

The fish tacos were great--this one was the problem child---my own aversion to FISH TACOS!!!! Well, they were fantastic as the recipe was followed to the letter. I, of course, had to use a local fish, not tilapia, but it is a firm fleshed flat fish (say that ten times)and it worked beautifully. The onle change I would make in future is to just do the flour coating and eliminate the cornmeal, No big deal though.

The mango-avocado salsa was a very nice taste addition--the cilantro (not my favorite) was replaced with basil---YUMMM! AND the chipotle sauce was perfect!! (I had canned chipotles brought by my daughter on one of her visits---she knows how much I love new ingredients unavailable here).

I also made the shrimp seviche tostada----the shrimp poaced with the lime juice was a wonderful taste experience--every bite was an explosion of flavor. I added a touch of minced garlic and was pleased. I had to make a change with the jicama--water chestnuts--may be a very different result but no complaints here!!!

I also made a very simple shrimp and cheese quesadilla (my own conception) that was okay--not great!

The guacomole was the perfect touch!!

SEAFOOD anyone---my favorite!!! And there is great availablity here--with SOME products.

All in all---a great menu and will do again when the Mexican theme should hit me-----

Can't wait to hear about your experiences

What's next!!!
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I intend to still fix this May 8th dinner guys! Things are looking up with my grandmother!! Maybe I'll get to stay home some this week!
I'm anxious to here more reviews!!!!
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This was sooo fun! The Margarita Shrimp Salad was perfect, we started with that first and gobbled it up. We've had the shrimp tostados before and loved them, so this time decided to experiment a bit and used "sea legs"(imitation crab). Very yummy and a nice change, but not as good as shrimp cerviche was. Oh for the jicama I subbed nepolitos(flat cactus pickled), also a nice change. For sides we had quacamole, chips, black olives and I was gonna make black beans and rice, but we were tooo stuffed. Margaritas of course and a comedy DVD, it was a great Cinco de Mayo party Olé! Oh and don't let me forget flan for dessert yumm.
glad to hear things are good with your grandma, Angela, and looking forward to your review.
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I'm afraid my review will be a bit late too...I get these horrible headaches (migraines?) sometimes, and they struck this weekend (and today!)...grrr! I'm hoping I'll be able to do the dinner tomorrow night. Sorry!
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Well, the only way my sis will eat shrimp is breaded and deep-fried (she says, "I'm not eating those naked things!) and no one was willing to try fish tacos...made a great guacamole if that helps and no one here likes flan (it's the consistency). So, I didn't make anything but the guac.
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Well, since things were a little hectic in L.V. Friday, I didn't get my Cinco de Mayo dinner!!! But...I did play for breakfast - made some Tex-Mex burgers. Mixed grd. beef with some cornflakes and salsa - shaped into hot-dog shaped 'burgers' and grilled those up. On grilled flour tortillas we spread some sour cream mixed with chiles and cumin, topped with 'burger' added more salsa, rolled the whole thing up with some lettuce and onions and ate 'em up.

I'll be like, can't remember who it was, that was a week or two late making the Lasagne...this sounds too good not to make it all!

But we did manage to get in two or six Brendaritas!!!

What's next??? I sure miss having my magazines in front of me while we plan...another week and I'll be home for a while.
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Ok, made my Cinco de Mayo dinner last night. I made:

Guacamole - Issue 10
Shrimp Seviche Tostadas Issue 39
Fish Tacos w/ Mango-Avocado Salsa and Creamy Chipotle Sauce Issue 37

I didn't make any dessert. I'm always sorry when I don't but I'm just so tired from making the dinner, I just can't do it.

So, the guacamole was good but needed extra stuff like tomatoes and cilantro. I didn't really eat it, but the kids loved it. I'll eat it today...there was just too much food last night!

The Shrimp Seviche Tostadas were very good! Walt liked them too even though he didn't expect to. The kids LOVED them! Justin ate the leftovers for breakfast.

The Fish Tacos...they were very good too but I did have a couple of problems. First, the coating peeled right off when I flipped the buggers, and I was as careful as I could be! Grrrr! Did this happen to anyone else? I have no idea how to prevent that from happening again. The salsa was very good but I didn't care much for the yogurt in the Chipotle sauce. I think next time I'll use sour cream instead. My husband loved the sauce, but I sure didn't! I was worried that he wouldn't eat the tacos because he really doesn't like fish, but he said I could make them anytime. The boys agreed.
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I must admit that I did not follow the guac recipe in CAH---I made my usual fare---with tomatoes and Italian parsley (don't really care for cilantro!!)
The seviche was great---did you poach them in the lime juice?? Done to perfection---gobble!!!

With the tacos---no problem but it does take a little time and experience to learn how to do them. You must keep the temperature fairly high, swish the fish around so that they don't stick and use a GREAT spatula to turn---quickly!! Try again---but another reason why I don't care for the cornmeal in my coating--just IMHO> I'm sure you will get great feed back from the experts

I also used sour cream in the chipotle sauce---it seemed to ask for that BUT if your fat conscious on your diet I suppose the yogurt would work--again, MHO.

Seems as though your guys enjoyed it!!! What's not to like!!!!

Dessert was not necessary for this menu---I excluded as well---and DH LOVES desserts but he would not have eaten if I had made something.

GOOD GO, GIRL!!! We are on the same wavelength---
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No, no lime juice...just plain old water. I didn't know I could poach them in lime...duh! That would've been nice...oh, well, next time.

Ok, I didn't swish the fish, and I think the spatula I used is a piece of crap. I couldn't find my good one fast enough. Thanks for the tips!

I'd prefer a nonfat or low-fat sour cream to the yogurt. I like yogurt ok for breakfast or a snack but I just can't stand it in a sauce...unless it's in an Indian dish.
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Next time---just add a couple of tablespoons of lime juice to the water (you could also use lemon) and what a difference it makes. Citrus and shrimp are a wonderful pairing. I think you will enjoy!!!!
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