Hi there -
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Been a little under the weather for a few days - but, I'm back and ready to cook again... just wanted to say, please excuse all the posts you will probably see from me this a.m. Lots of goodies to read and as you all are learning, it's hard to keep the fingers off the keys for me...

so, on to catching up!!
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Oh, it's wonderful to have you back! We missed you! I'm sooo glad you are feeling better...we were worried!

Now you have to pick your birthday menu...
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Let me add to the official welcome back too. Glad to see you,Jean. Live long and prosper!!!!
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Don't let it happen again---you are important to this forum!
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Good to have you back, Jean!
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Oh good, I missed picking on you!
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I'm so very glad that you are feeling better and are joining us!!!! You are an important part of this forum. It just wasn't the same without ya!

Thank you for the comments about my grandma. She will be having her amputation done in the next day or two... Breaks my heart. It's gotta get better sometime right?

Decided on your birthday recipe yet??
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HELLO and WELCOME BACK---Nice to see you joining the family again!!! You are the backbone here and as you can see we missed you tremendously---pay attention and take care of yourself---WE NEED YOU!!!!

Now---we need a birthday dinner menu---we will make and you will direct!!! Then you can critique our critiques!!! GO EASY, Sweetie!!!


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