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Hello all,

I sent an email to ask if "Cuisine At Home" had any preferences for Stainless Steel Cookware based on their experience in their test kitchens. I thought you might find the reponse of value and want to go dig out the Feb. 06 issue:

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for writing us. We did do an article on choosing the right cookware. We couldn't test all of the pieces in every set, so they focused on 3*31/2-quart saute pans*they're a good representation of the entire cookware set. Of the 13 pans tested, we found these four lines, at various price points, to perform extremely well.

All Clad $183.95

Calphalon Comtemproary $159.95

Sur La Table $79.95

Cuisinart Chef's Classic $49.95.

This was featured in the February 2006 #55.

Best regards,
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Well lucky you, Pamela!! I think all of us have written to the editors at one time or another and I'm thinking you are the only one to receive a response....
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