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I wonder if the good people of this wonderful site could divide it into cooking and a more gentle venue. I know it is all c@h but it might be nice for now established friends to not resort to PMing, if they wish to make statements. Always perilous. What do others think. ????
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Might be time to expand a little, but I don't see it happening very soon. No one seems to be able to get thru to c@h folks - a number of us have sent messages to them and gotten no response...if I remember right there have been no responses from them.
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I did get one response when I asked them if they could make ALL of their recipes available. They said it was in the works and would be available soon. One of the members said they had been promising that for some time now...
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I think that is a GREAT idea however the problem is the time involved and more staff would have to be hired to handle this---as far as I know, I have seen only ONE moderator for the two years I have been on board!! Back to the volunteer thing again--anad not sure that that would work---someone really dedicated with tons of time to give and possibly get dumped on----this comes from what I have seen on other sites/forums----THAT's WHY I'm here and love it!!!

Open for suggestions though!!
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I don't think we need a moderator. We all are mods.
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I would be happy to help them with the recipe posting thing, but it would have to be on my schedule. Even though I am, supposedly retired, I still have several clients who love me (wont let me go).

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