Moroccan Sea Scallops
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I was just reading thru issue 57 June 2006 and noticed the recipe for the Moroccan Sea Scallops. Can the vinaigrette be prepared ahead (up to 2 days?) and can the scvallops be marinated for say 36 hours?

ASAP help would be appreciated. I'll be cooking for a big bunch on Saturday and any ahead stuff I can do would be great!

Thanx , in advance!
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Welcome to c@h, Joe!!
First question - "Can the vinaigrette be prepared ahead (up to 2 days?) " I would not make it that far ahead; maybe the morning of the day you want to serve it would be fine. If you want to save time at that point, you might have your mise en place ready - just a fancy term for 'all in it's place'. You might combine all the spices in a small bowl; juice your lemon in another small bowl ( a day or two ahead) and when you're ready to put the marinade together all you'll have to do is combine everything.

"can the scvallops be marinated for say 36 hours?"
No! You'll have Ceviche (or Seviche) - and 'overcooked' Ceviche at that. If you're not familiar with this, Ceviche is raw fish marinated in citrus. The action of the acid 'cooks' the fish turning the fish opaque and firming the flesh.

Looking at the recipe, if you have everything prepped and ready to go - the vinaigrette could be made earlier in the day, this dish will go together quite fast. Hope this helps.

Haven't tried this one yet, but it sure does look good.
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And I offer my greetings of welcome as well!!! Happy to have you join the family, JoeP. Please join our discussions often---we LOVE new input!!!

Jean is absolutely correct with her explanations---she's our resident professional and you can trust her words of wisdom---

I LOVE SCALLOPS!!!! I'M REALLY JEALOUS!!!!!! (can't get them here--I know guys, I'm repeating but this is for the newbies!!!)

Again, welcome to you---Roxanne
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AAhhh....scollop. Venus indeed. The most enchanting creature ever to step from the wistful mind of man. Loose the hinge to paradise as close to culinary consumption as you are able. Savour the freshness of the salt spray from the beach of your kitchen. Scollops....

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