I'm officially registered!
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I am so terrified...but yeserday I put my money down and registered for my culinary classes.

The scary part is I have to work full time and then if that isn't enough classes will be Mon - Fri from 6pm til 11:30pm in Los Angeles. (74 miles away)

Gee....go to work at 8, work till 3:30, get into car, immediately hit traffic, sit in car, feel road rage build, put on music to calm rage, drive 2 hours to school, cook for 5 1/2 hours, get back in car for 2 hour ride home, hoping no traffic since it's so late, but getting traffic because some schmuck can't talk on his a cell phone and drive and crashes...and then come home shower and do it all again the next day!! WTH!?

It's only for 7 months..I can do this..right? RIGHT? 7 months..no life just work and school....it's only 7 months...it's not even a year....just 7 months....7...WTH?!

Then after that I get to do my externship for 175 hours. At least that I can try and work around my regular work schedule and they'll help me find a place closer to home.

I'm going to have to start a cooking blog just for school

If anyone has ANY extra energy to spare....please shoot it my way..I'm gonna need it
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Congratulations! It sounds exciting. I'm sure you will be just fine. Those 7 months will just fly by....and I think a cooking school blog is a great idea. I look forward to reading it. Good luck!
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OOOO---I remember those days---NO WAY!!!! ALL of my extra energy is yours, FOR SURE!!! Can't say that it is too much though-- Crazy how there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day but we always make it happen---I think it's called determination to reach our goal---GOOD LUCK!!! Thoughts are with you---and I would like to know more about your blog!!
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That's fantastic!! Congratulations! Your schedule will certainly get you ready for the wonderful world you are entering!

This almost (!) makes me want to be back in school - I absolutely loved it. But, I'll be content to revisit that time thru your posts. All kinds of good luck to you!
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You will do it, you will. 7 months. thats months not years. I remember being a little daunted beginning a 3 year stint following graduation in obstetrics. Back to one day a week off, lousey wages, and hard hard work. The training was done on the wards then. With a fortnight in tutor block every quarter. I was given a reduced training time because I was already registered in obstetrics. You know, those three years flew by. By the time you have done one month, there will only be 6 left, not worth jacking it in then, and while you are thinking rebellious thoughts, it will be five months.... Now go slay that dragon...
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**Dons her fire resistant armor...Lifts her splash guard shield...raises her Santoku Knife and gives a loud battle cry...**

Alay Cuisine!!!!!
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Congratulations!! You are living my dream!! Well, other than working full time and the commute! If you can do those hours, 7 months will go by in a blink. What kind of course is it, where is it?? We need details.
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It's a full culinary course. I couldn't afford the Le Cordon Bleu academy and they have a LOT of academics that made the schedule even crazier. I would have had to school the same hours as I am plus every Saturday all day. That's where I said STOP! I need some time with my family.

Here is the link for the school www.kitchenacademy.com. They are located in Los Angeles right downtown Hollywood. Lol as a matter of fact, last night while signing my docs there was a big movie premier going on outside. My daughter recognized some of the actors...or rappers who act...or rappers who try to act.

Then down the street is KTLA (Tribune News) with this long line and everyone waiting to get to see someone important. (Well I assume important or they wouldn't be waiting in a line that long for just Joe Schmoe)

Pretty fun stuff. I'll never see any of since my nose will be buried in a book, pot, pan, cutting board...
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Hah! Hah, I say! You can do it, you're young, passionate, enthusiastic and....and....geez, I'm sure glad you're young Good on ya, I'm really glad you've taken that step. All the prayer and energy I have, winging your way.
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AWESOME!!! You are living my dream too! Good Luck...Keep your focus! You will do great!
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