Cowboy Steak Sandwiches
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Fixed these this weekend...they were delish! I'm not much of a relish type person, but I really did like the flavors of the corn relish that were put together here. DH at two very large sandwiches, the 12yr. son ate his and kind of hinted around that he would have eaten another had it been fixed! LOL I fixed the recipe exactly as written and had no problems! It's a keeper!
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Roy pick the Italian sandwich for his father's day brunch...but, this one sounds so good also!! Good to know it got a good review.
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Jean, I liked the Italian Steak Sand. as well. However, I used to much sauce and it was a dripping mess! Next time I'll put just a little sauce on and put some on the side for extra dipping!
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Lol Angela, I expect the time is rapidly arriving when your son will be able to eat his father under the table. I always liked that bit in the boys life. My daughter could do a fairly thorough job, but the boys left her 'way behind. Omlettes became four eggers overnight, must have salad with that and a loaf of wholegrain. Each. A can of baked beans was not sufficient unless there was three sausages hiding under it. A rasher of bacon sort of morphed into 6, and mushrooms were just put on the table in the pot. Tomatoes far outstripped our growing capabilities, we used (well Shane did) to go to the market auctions at 4 am and buy by the crate/box. It was good stuff, and very fresh. We were buying for the rest home too, of course, 1 for us, 11 for them. It took ages to educate the staff, that the core of the tomato should be removed. I hate cores, yuck. Most of our patients were spoon people or feeds. To encounter a skin or a core was at best unpleasant. And it was the same at home. Still is.
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You will understand, I hope, that was just part of breakfast. We fed our olds as we fed our family. Anorexia Nervosa is quite common in the elderly, though seldom recognised. They are reasonably easy to treat, so long as the problem is recognised. That isn't so in the young.

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