Bacon-Cider Pork Dinner Review of June 19th
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Bacon-Cider Pork, Marmalade Sweet Potatoes, Sauteed Spinach

The pork was tasty, really enjoyed the sauce; the Sweet Potatoes were also good, very different treatment, but I think I liked the sauteed spinach the best of the meal...and I'm not a big (cooked) spinach fan.

I guess the flavors just didn't grab me, and I probably won't make any except the spinach again, but it was a nice dinner. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the dinner a 7.
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I was not very impressed with it either Jean. It was good, but not impressive. I did the spinach with the Chicken Parm I made last week and again with the pork...yum! I also made the tomato concasse again..YUM YUM! I again added a little sugar.
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Okay----I made this entire meal as well and----

Because we like our bacon REALLY browned and crispy, I did the bacon sides first, a quick sear on the sides and it was perfect!! The pork was not overdone--very tender and moist with a little bit of pink. DH loved this and I will make again.

Nice take on the sweet potatoes--but NOT crazy about it--don't think that will be in future menus.

LOVED (I did) the spinach---but I'm a basic (very basic) vegetarian and any recipe with spinach is a must try--this was good BUT I think the red pepper flakes need to be cut back unless one likes spicey. I did cut back but a little more would have been better.

For different reasons, I will agree with Jean---7 out of 10.

BTW----hubby's tummy is better and he found this not too traumatic to the gastric juices. Was very tired of the totally bland stuff. We had a pretty good day with the menu as far as the tummy problems sooooo---things are getting better---YAY!!!!

Need to know what the next menu is----and DON'T post anything from the new issue or I will REALLY scream!!!!

OR you can post the recipes---- NO HINT!!!!!
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