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The editor's letter Billy posted made me think to ask y'all about this. My knives need sharpening desperately, but I don't have a clue where to take them or send them. I was so desperate that I bought new knives that I could use while waiting for mine to get sharpened. I was thinking of getting one of those Chef's Choice sharpeners, but I don't know which to get, if any. Soooo, what do y'all do to sharpen your knives?
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Have my hubby do it----his contribution to the food prep-- He LOVES knives!!!
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I use an Edgemaker Pro. I've used them for about 8 years. They are kind of like a steel, but shaped like an X set in plastic. You can check them out at They were $13 last year. I bought one that was very coarse [blue plastic handle], another that has two XX type sharpeners [it is orange], one is less coarse than the blue and the second is finer yet. Then there is a yellow one that is very fine. I sent Lorraine one to try. They are very easy to use and keep the knives as sharp as you want them.
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My mother used to sharpen her knives on the back steps. I send mine to a person skilled in these matters. They were probably as good as each other in this matter. I am not.
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Tammy, there are a couple ways to go re sharpening your knives. Most large supermarkets, offer this service. Talk to the buthchers.

Or, imo, the best alternative is to buy yourself a stone and a good steel. The stone is used to sharpen the knives and in between use the steel to 'true the edge' - to maintain the sharp edge.

Many, except probably the real expensive electric, sharpeners on the market wear away too much of your knife without giving you a good edge.
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Thanks, everybody! I will talk to the butcher. I would love to find someone who could do it locally, but so far none of them do serrated knives. My poor serrated knife needs sharpening too.

My husband has a stone, but doesn't trust himself to work on our expensive kitchen don't either!

After I posted, I checked out the member's plus section...I can't remember where I found it, but there was an article on sharpening. They recommended some places to send the knives to...I might end up just doing that. Thanks again for the advice!

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