Smoked Texas Brisket
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5 parts salt
1 1/2 parts cayenne
2 parts black pepper
1/2 part garlic powder
1 part paprika
1 part allspice
Mix all ingredients together and librally season a 10-12 lb whole untrimed beef brisket on both sides-rub it in and let sit at room temp for an hour.
Prepare bar-B-que/smoker. Soak wood chunks (oak or mesquite is good, pecan is wonderful) in water for 45 min. When smoker temp is between 225-250 add the wood to the fire and place the brisket on the smoker (indirect heat) fat side up. Maintain that heat range and cook 4 hours--DO NOT OPEN THE SMOKER!! Add charcoal and wood chunks to the fire to maintain temp and smoke. Do not get too hot.
Wrap or cover the brisket with aluminum foil and transfer to a 225 oven for another 4 hrs. Take out meat and let rest 20 mim. Slice on the bias AGAINST the grain. Happy 4th from Texas!!!
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Thank you, Old Bay! This sounds wonderful! Would you suggest smoked, sharp, or half-sharp paprika? I have smoked at the moment.
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I made the Smoked Brisket from the Aug 06 issue this weekend. It came out really good. This is the first time I have tried smoking anything on the gas grill. At least smoking for 4-5 hours. I made up the pans just like the article described. My gas grill stayed at a pretty constant 275 degrees for the whole time, and that is probably a little high. At the end of two hours there was very little liquid remaining in the pan. I just added a cup of water before closing the foil. I closed the foil packet after two hours and didn't open it to check doneness for another hour. At the time I closed the foil I could barely push a fork into the meat, and did not have much hope for success. When I opened the foil after another hour, the fork slid in easily! The "fork tender" state had been reached. I left it on for another half hour just for good measure. During that time I made the bbq sauce recipie given in the sandwich article. We were really pleased with it. I served the beef sliced very thin with the sauce over it with a batch of freshly made potato salad. Yum... Just a note, because the grill was probably a little hot, there was a skin of leather quality burnt meat on the bottom of the brisket. It was only about 1/8 inch thick. I just sliced down to it and slid the meat off on the knife. The "skin" did not have any impact on the quality of the meat above.
Just an added note: To please DW I had to reduce the cayenne from 2 TBSP to 1 tsp.
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I just use sweet paprika--the cayenne adds the bite. Note to John--actually smoking in a charcoal grill/smoker will give you a beautiful crimson/pink smoke ring when you slice it. Thats why I smoke for 4 hours and finish in the oven. Congratulations on your success. By the way I have a BS in chemistry but left the field and am now a small business owner.
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I made the Smoked Brisket from the Aug 06 issue and had the sandwiches last night. My God, that was hot!!! But, oh the flavor was so good! It certainly made the neighborhood smell good - one neighbor came over and wanted to be adopted...Wink

The Jalapeno BBQ sauce is sure a winner also! Had some baked beans with the sandwiches and drank some Moscato to kill the heat a little - worked!!

I had a heck of a time with my grill with this tho. I have a 4-burner (burners front to back) gas grill. Started with the two outside off and two inside on low - too hot, abot 300-325F. So, turned the burner under the meat off and left the one under the chips on low - too low (about200F). Finally vascillated between the one burner on high and turning down every so often to med-low. That kept it right between 225-275.

I think next time I'll put the foil w/chips on the burner guard instead of on the grill itself - don't think it smoked enuf.

But, will certainly do again.
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