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It is casserole weather here, The days start loosing their warmth about 3 pm, and in this place, we feel it keenly. It is far to big to heat properly. Too expensive, so we heat our little bolt holes. And the trip from upstairs to the kitchen is unpleasant. It is 100 metres from the front door office, to Shanes office. So sticking a casserole in the oven is fairly ideal. We generally make it with all manner of veggies, meat, a one pot effort. We have two of those french cast iron and enamelled jobs, and excellent they are, and I bought a really heavy middle sized one from a second hand place. $12. In the days that was made it would have been used ony for meat/gravy, to be ladelled over boiled potatoes, and few carrots if you were lucky. Nonetheless it was good food. The potato water was kept for starch.

Now Shane went off the other day to the market. And he brought back a clay casserole glazed only on the inside and rim, with bits dripping down the sides. I really liked It, and it has proved to be a beaut. in the oven.
even better than our fancy french ones. Have others found the clay pots to be better for casseroles? And if so, why is it.
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Clay pots are really HUGE here---the flavor of the month, so to speak. They are recent additions to our homeware shops and seems as though every recipe I hear about involves these pots---mainly stews, casseroles etc. I haven't decided to purchase one yet but if the rave reviews continue, I certainly will.

I'm curious to hear any opinions as well.

It is really cold here as well---that southern hemisphere winter weather. But cold here is in the 40-50F range--the wind is the killer!! And I come from those bitter northeast winters--no comparison!!! I really do not miss the snow and ice--just to look at is fine with me.
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Oh, I'm embarrassed to say that I bought a clay pot 14 years ago and haven't used it once. It came with one recipe, and I didn't know what else to do with it. It's really cute so I keep on my shelf. Any great ideas on what to make in it?
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I had a clay cooker and used it infrequently. It turned out good one pot meals. You had to soak it for a while before you put it in the cold oven, but it worked well. My lil' sis had it til it broke.

If you Google clay pot recipes you'll get a bunch of hits with recipes.
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Now why didn't I think to Google that??? I Google everything! Thank you, Billy!
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I have one that you soak, but haven't used it in years because it is still packed away. So much of our stuff is, we never intended to be here so long. I have a garlic/onion roaster to, of the same material. Works a treat. The one Shane got is not a soaker, but rather more rough and ready. I think you could cook any one potter in it.

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