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Well, we all know what Maude is doing the 4th...how 'bout everyone else? Still don't know many folks up here yet, so probably will not have a crowd! Darn it. I have some ideas folating around, want to grill and probably will make the ice cream cake (posted for Maude) since now it's back in my mind - it's so good on a hot day. And watermelon, of course.

"folating".... ummmm, that's a technical term which means 'to float'...
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Beef and Chicken fajitas with bell peppers, onions, jicama, pico de gallo,and guacamole. Black bean and corn salsa,deviled eggs, gazpacho, Sangria, Shiner Bock, and sorbets. Our whole blended family complete with grandkids will be together.
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I'm going to try to find the quietest place around and take my Buddy dog there. Somewhere there are NO fireworks... wish me good luck! Yeah right....
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I still feel too tuckered to think about company just yet, but I was remembering this sherbert dessert and thought I'd share it. You need a green sherbert (lime I think) a white one (vanilla) and a pink one (cherry or raspberry)1/2 to 1 Cup choc chips and a bowl with a bottom a little narrower than the top. Something that would look like a half melon if you turned it over, which is what you will do in the end. Put the bowl in the freezer for 1/2 hr. then coat the inside,somewahat thickly with the green sherbert and back in the freezer for 15min. Next layer in the white sherbert but a thin layer this time and back in freezer. Lastly, slightly soften the pink sherbert and fold in the chips, fill the hole in the middle of the bowl of sherberts with the pink. Freeze at least another 1/2 hr. To serve, dip bowl in some warm water to loosen and turn over onto a serving plate. Cut in to wedges, it looks just like a slice of watermelon.
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AH HA!!!! You can come and visit us, Billy!!! The 4th is not celebrated here -- of course -- so it's nice and quiet and peaceful. The embassy does have a barbeque for Americans here and a "little" fireworks display but nothing to write home about.

I will be celebrating because DH will come home from Valencia----YAYYYY!!!! I will be at the airport 4:00 a.m. sharp!!! His flight arrives at 5:00 a.m.-----best time to be on the roads here.

I will make the cordon bleu chicken dish for his come home meal---nothing exotic because the 24 hour travel creates problems with orientation and he doesn't have much of an appetite but ready for "something good". Ladies---this is when the guys REALLY appreciate home cooked dinners!!!!

Have a happy 4th everyone!!!
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How clever----now I just have to find those sherbets!!!

Sounds very refreshing for a hot summer day!!

Take care farnfam--you've had a tough time and deserve the break. Doctor's order-----REST!!!!
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Neither is 4th July celebrated here. But it is my nieces birthday. Reason enough to celebrate. Have a great day all you good people.
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4th of July is always a very big holiday for my family. We kind of live in the suberbs of our town so everyone usually comes to our house to eat and shoot fireworks (they're illegal in the city limits). Now that we have a pool, there's no doubt that any summer holiday is celebrated here!

My holiday standby dinner is the Pulled Pork from issue 39. I'm going to include a couple of smoked hens, and a brisket. For sides I'm doing broccoli salad, baked beans, potato salad and deviled eggs. Dessert will be homemade Butterfinger ice cream and (for the 1st time ever) the Tres Leches Cake!

Should be a fun time!
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