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On July 2nd we hosted a baby shower for 2 of my sisters. I made the Crab Rangoon with Pineapple/Chile sauce (Iss. #51) and the Mushroom Croustades that Tammy so nicely suggested. Both recipes were a big hit! The sauce for the rangoons, in my opinion, could use a little more heat but was otherwise very easy and delicious. The rangoons themselves were great but proved to be a little more difficult to fill and fold than I thought they'd be. Because time was running short, I handed this recipe to my wonderful husband Mark and brother Matthew. Mark is an able cook but this was a tough one for him. It was a bit of trial and error at the start to fill the wonton wrappers without the filling "blowing out" once they were fried. When the rangoons were fried the dough puffed up quite a bit and it felt as though there wasn't much inside of it. I think the next time I make them I will use two wonton wrappers and make them ravioli style.

The Mushroom Croustades that Tammy posted were wonderful! I will definitely make those again!

I also made some stuffed cherry tomatoes. I stuffed them with fresh mozzarella, basil, lemon zest, olive oil, salt and pepper. And some tortilla roll-ups. Made with sun-dried tomato cream cheese and deli turkey and ham.

The shower went really well, but man, am I glad it's over!!
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Your menu sounds lovely. We don't have showers over here. I made my babies clothing, until the boys were about 5, and Lizzie was about 10. I adored doing the wee gowns, for when they were tiny. The embroidery, the lace the ribbons. Sorry, off topic.
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Sounds like great choices for your shower, Meg! I can't remember if I copied Tammy's Mushroom Croustades - will have to go look!

Two sisters having babies at the same time - reminds me of my sister and me, we traded maternity clothes back and for for six years - barely time to send them back and forth between pregnancies....Wink
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I highly recommend the mushroom croustades! They were delicious!

One of my sisters is having twin girls and the other is having a singleton (boy). It's going to be a fun Fall! By the way, there are five of us girls in my family so the materninty clothes and baby clothes have been flying in every direction! lol
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I just have to say 10Yums for those mushroom croustades!!!
Oh and Meg I just love the idea of the maternity clothes flying in every direction. Just don't let any fly this way LOL
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