Need catering help!
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Well, not really catering, but serving calculation help.

We are hosting our BIG picnic next Saturday. Right around 100 people - 30 or so of which will be kids. And I was hoping some of you professionals/caterers could help me in some serving calculations so I don't make too much/or too little potato salad! This is our menu:

Pulled pork sandwiches with mustard BBQ sauce
Pulled smoked brisket sandwiches with regular BBQ sauce
potato salad
Hot dogs for kids
Strawberry Ice Cream cones for dessert.
Chips/salsa/pretzles etc...

I think I figured 1 sandwich per adult and an extra 10 or so calculated in. Half beef, half pork. One hotdog per kid. I know some will eat one sandwich/some two/some little/some big. And kids...well you know. And I figured a 4lb pork loin roast will make aprox 8 to 10 sandwiches. Is that enough?

What about salads? How much of each per person? I think last year we ended up with a ton of salad left over.

Any help would be appreciated.
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If you have the recipes I can throw into Mastercook and change the servings of the recipe to be whatever you like. then it'll recaluate everything.
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Be careful with that Denise. MasterCook tends to make it a straight multiplication of every ingredient. Say the recipe serves 10 and calls for 2 Tbs of mustard powder. If you make it for 100, do you really want 20 Tbs of mustard powder or cayenne or whatever? See what I'm saying? You also need to add some common sense when you multiply a recipe.
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Maybe the 4-6 oz rule might come into play here, I have found it useful. Depending on your guest type. I find it easier to do things by weight and multiply out. If it is mostly men I would allow 8oz of meat, mostly women, 4oz and a mix, 6oz. Potato salad the same, maybe a little less for coleslaw.
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Very good point. I never used it for the seasonings, mainly the quantities of meat, potatoes veggies etc.
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Erin, I saw your post but, it's been so hectic around here - I just couldn't take the time to help out. I haven't read the other posts, so if I'm repeating something someone else has already suggested, just consider it an endorsement, I guess! And, I hope I'm not too late to help.

Based on 100 folks -

I would have a minimum of 30 lbs. of meat - and since you're having two kinds, I go with min. 18 lbs. of each type. But, even in this, there are variables. Are you making the sandwiches up so you can control the amount of meat everyone takes? Or will it be self-serve? Sometimes folks don't use their good sense when faced with unattended foods.
To kind of control this, I would suggest if it's going to be a self-serve type, put out smaller platters at a time and watch how fast they go.

Sandwich rolls, I'd have between 10-13 doz.

Potato Salad - 1/2 cup servings/~4 oz.
potatoes - 20 lbs.
plus your other goodies

Coleslaw - 1/2 cup servings or ~3 oz.
cabbage - ~ 16 lbs.

Ice cream - ~ 3 1/2 gallons

I hope this helps a little bit - if you have more questions, feel free to p.m. me. You've done this before, so I really don't know how in detail I need to go.

Good luck and have fun!
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All of the information has been great! Thank you so much t0 everyone. We have done this before, but it is good to have a better way of estimating rather than just winging it!

I knew there was probably a good rule of thumb or calculation for this kind of thing! Thanks again. I'll let you know after Saturday how it all went.

Mom to three wonderful 7th graders!
The time is flying by.

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