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Where does everyone get their spices from?

I really don't like buying mine in the grocery store but it's the only option I have.

Does anyone use a reliable and quality online shop?

I prefer whole spices that I can grind up to my preference as I use them. Plus they last longer flavor wise.

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Yippeee finally a question I can answer, www.penzeys.com, I buy my spices thru them and there fresh and good prices.Smile
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Hey, go get 'em tiger!!! (there will be no stopping madmax now... )

Yes, another vote for Penzeys.
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Thank you both so much. I've done searches and you find many places that sell spices. But it's so nice to hear of people using the sites and getting positive results.
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If you have and Indian store near you anywhere they have spices that move through regularly.
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...and Bill Penzey's sister has The Spice House (her prices are even better and the shipping is faster for me!)!!
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Another vote for Penzey's. They just opened a shop in Portland, OR and I visit every time I'm up there...yeah, fresh spices
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Well I logged on and ordered their catalog I wish we had a spice shop or a good inidan food store. We have a lot of Thai stores out here, but I haven't found a wide variety of spices in them.

I wish they had scratch and sniff catalogs for spices heh
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I agree with the Penzeys fans!!! I have ordered several of their spices and have not been disappointed---the catalog is interesting---scratch and sniff?? YEH!!!
I have also ordered several items from the Baker's Catalog--more of the baking ingredient but some of their supplies are a manna from heaven---bakers may be interested.
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