Any Cooking Apprehensions?
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We all have our strengths...but what about apprehensions? Do you have a dish you've always wanted to try to eat, let alone prepare, but were afraid?

For me...mussels/clams. I've never eaten them, I have no idea what they taste like. Yet, when I see recipes about them I think I want that.

Ok who wants to bring me some mussels to try?
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I think for me it might be rabbit. I've never had it, but would like to try it. I really don't want to cook it myself though. I'm sure there are others but they aren't coming to maybe for "Rocky Mountain Oysters". I hear they are delicious but I don't think I could bring myself to try them.

As for mussels and clams...whatever you do, don't dig into them to see what's inside. If you do, you won't want to eat them! My son just had to dissect a clam for biology and, uh, I'm not sure I can eat them anymore!
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I love mussells, clams, oysters, escargot,....those aren't any problems. I enjoy trying new foods very much. I couldn't wait to take a bite of fois, yep, that's ALL it was, "a bite" no thank you, not for me. gag.

The sea snails looks good, tastes remotely familiar....that when DH say's kind of tastes like a vienna,gag again.

I've heard ostrich meat is very good. I've wanted to order some online (can't get that here).

I've been fortunate to have tried many differnt types of foods!
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What an interesting thread this could turn out to be!!! Hmmm, the only thing I can think of is cooking sweetbreads. I finally took the opportunity to have them at Bouchon's in Las Vegas and immediately fell in love with them.

Now, I'm just dying to try them myself. I was lucky enuf to have gone into the kitchen and watch as the line cook prepped another order of them so I could see exactly what he does/did. That was great!

Your apprenhension with cooking clams/mussels - is it in regard to the actual prepping and cooking? or the taste/texture thing? I have some wonderful dishes that I'd love to share with you if you're interested.

And I'm one of those that loves mountain oysters, 'course I was raised eating them, so that was easy.

I think the only thing I'd be so apprehensive about making is a highly decorated wedding cake - and I'll never make one - ever!!!
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sweetbreads always look appetizing to me....I've never had the opportunity to have them anywhere. I'd like them fixed by a professional the first time I'd eat them. I'm more anxious to try something new than apprehensive.

How were those mountain oyseters prepared???
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I tasted [a very small bite] mountain oysters. They were okay, not something I'd order. Don't do duck or lamb, but my aprehension is toward making Creme Brulee. I've had it a couple of times and it was quite tasty, but.....

There are plenty of things for me to eat without trying ostrich, gator, snakes, sweetbreads, brains, and a few others.
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I'm thinking I need to find a restaurant that has them on the menu so I can try them first. I would hate to buy them, prep them, cook them only to find out I can't stomach them

Here in S. Calif I'm leary about any clams, mussels harvested from the sea because of all the mercury warnings you hear.

Any recommendations for a place in S. Calif I can try them?
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I don't do liver in any form. Mountain oysters are fried with corn meal. I posted a wonderful mussel recipe earlier this month--I think its over on page 3--I don't know how to do the link. This is a good way to start eating mussels. They are also good and very attractive on paella. Just steam them at the end of the cooking.
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Nope, I don't do liver either....liver is liver no matter how you "pate" it! LOL My family occassionaly fixed beef liver and onions for dinner. Yuck...some people really love. I'd rather have a can of fried Spam...and that's pretty bad.
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Interesting thread indeed!!! I have cooked several of the items you have mentioned---I WILL NOT do the sweetbread thing, however!!!

You must try the clams/mussels----I was always reluctant to try the mussels but they are fantastic---the cleaning (taking off the beard) is the most difficult/finicky part of the whole process but no big deal. If you try the recipes that cjs recently posted you will have a definite winner and there will be no turning back----if you like seafood!! One of my favorites, for sure.

Billy----creme brulee is sooooo easy and a great treat for a dessert---I have a GREAT recipe from LeCirque that is to die for---will be happy to post---my daughter, can't boil water correctly, made this and it was a huge hit for her dinner party!! You must try at least once---well worth it!!

I think the other apprehension would be foie gras---not a fan of those types of foods--but hubby loves them!! I have made chicken livers etc. (ie. chopped liver) even though I will not eat--something just doesn't appeal to me---YUCK!!! How 'bout haggis??? Or blood sausage???

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

Ostrich meat is huge here---haven't made it myself but looks very similar to any type of red meat without the cholesterol---I will be happy to send some to you if you're interested. I know that a few yeasrs back there was an entrepeneur from Texas here checking out the farms to begin production there---haven't followed that, though. My daughter mentioned that she saw ostrich meat in the shops in Chicago when she lived there--she is now is Scottsdale, AZ and hasn't mentioned anything in a very long time.

Would love a GREAT piece of American beef though---the product here is extremely lean and not tasty--have to add so many tweaks to up the flavor---but good anyway!!

SNAILS----gotta think about that very long and hard---I have millions in my garden---snails anyone???
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