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Here's mine. I was making cold cucumber soup but first it is made on the stove and then blended in blender. You know what's coming....left the little dooie on the blender on the top and it blew off and went everywhere. I was cleaning cucumber seeds off my ceiling for days!
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LOL...Beth, I did that the other day making rasberry milkshakes! Thought it was thicker than it was and wouldn't "splash" Kids loved that one!
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Many years ago when making Sugar Cookies I inadertently used baking soda instead of baking powder. UGH. Had to throw the whole batch away. Even the dog next door who usually "raided" our garbage cans wouldn't eat them.
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Ok, I'll tell ya A few years ago I made a pineapple upside down cake for my brother-in-lae [the 800 lb gorilla] and instead of using brown sugar, I used the brown sugar/cayenne/salt mixture for jerking venison...I threwup for hours

Today, I was making my world famous carrot cake and got distracted. The cake layers were quite dark and very firm. Means I've got to do it again for a dinner party tomorrow...800 lb gorilla doesn't care, he likes it inspite of it being dark brown and very firm...with LOTS of frosting.
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