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Just for your information---- I sent along a request for the updated index to be forwarded to me inasmuch as I had not received since I just submitted for a two year subscription. Not only did I have a VERY PROMPT reply that one would be forthcoming BUT I also received a downloadable index---now HOW AWESOME is that??? Hats off to Katie!!!! (and the C@H contact center)

If anybody needs it, please let me know and I will be happy to forward to your e-mail address.
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Roxanne, A little late to be chiming in on this one...but I thought I would let you know, when ever I have renewed the index comes stapled in the middle of one of my next few issues. So if you have an issue that is a little thicker than the others, just look in the middle and see if the index is there!
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Good suggestion Erin BUT---I have a tendency to rip open the envelope in my zeal to catch ALL of the latest tidbits in the new issue and read every LAST word printed---wouldn't miss the index, no way!!!
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